Running on Empty Review

Genre: contemporary, 9-12 fiction, drama, family Author = S.E. Durrant and Rob Biddulph Info  = Where to Buy = Synopsis: AJ is a young boy that loves to run more than anything in the world and his grandfather trains and runs with him. His grandfather helps out with his daughter and son-in-law as well. But one day his grandfather dies and he is not sure he can run again as he has to help his parents now? My Thoughts: AJ, his character reminded me so much of me at that age having to deal with more than a child can handle and still trying to act like a child. He was so brave and inspiring to still go for his dreams. Also the perfect narrator as you felt you more of a connection to his story and feelings. Grandpa, I loved his character such love for life and his family as he was the rock in the story. His parents were sweet and no matter how you criticise parents you don’t know the situation but they got it right ‘it’s all about the kid!’ His aunt she was a kind soul that was such a superwoman with sassiness. His uncle was the sensible and very black and white but needed a bit of softening which was so sweet to see develop in the story. His cousin was just adorable. The plot for this book was very character driven so if your not a fan of contemporary plots you may find this plot a bit dull. But for me I connected with AJ so much that the plot was an added bonus. The way she describes AJ’s grief is beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking that you can’t help but cry so bring the tissues. The conversations between his coach and him are just hilarious because the coach has that tough love with a soft side that just makes you laugh. I loved this book it was one of my favourite reads of 2018 mainly because it had so heart to it. Plus it was very relatable for me it is really nice to see more stories about children looking after parents and having to grow up too early. AJ was such fascinating character that I rooted for throughout the book in terms of his running. The bits to do with grief were so emotionally especially when he was running round the park track. Overall, it is an amazing book that I think all children and parents should read I would say for a mature 8 year old upwards. 5 stars As always keep geeking! Don’t forget to say Hi to me on Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: Goodreads: Instagram: © 2020 Emily Claire Cannings

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