Gamora Memento Mori Review

Genre: SCI-FI, Fantasy, comic

Author = Nicole Perlman, Marco Checchetto, Esad Ribic, Andres Mossa, Travis Lanham

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This follows Gamora on her revenge mission to find the last surviving Badoon princess which will mean she will have justice for her people the Zen-Woberian. Who suffered genocide at the hands of the Badoon. However, on her mission, will she start to see the error in her thoughts of revenge or will her love for her people that she never really knew take over?


My Thoughts:

I love the banter between Gamora and Nebula it is that classic relationship you see in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy but amplified to bring a tension that is deep and psychological. For instance when they are about to be blown up by Nebula it is just great black humour. Thanos was so authoritative and egging the two sisters on for a fight almost like he enjoyed it as he never really punished either one in this comic or not that I saw. The dialogue between Gamora and what is left of the Zen – Woberians was a political conversation about should the Zen-Woberian exact revenge for the genocide they suffered which was fascinating. The discussions were also very revealing of the humanity that needed to be encompassed to move forward as a race.


The colours are incredible and inspiring due to the mixtures of blues and oranges that brought out the space feel to it. The battle scenes were also beautiful as they were bright and had lots of scenes throughout pages to create a sense of chaos and tension. I love the use of lots of full page artwork especially when showing characters in a turning point in their arc for example with Gamora towards the end the power and confusion about her next action. I think my favourite piece of artwork is when the planet is being sucked into the black hole its such immense scene that it doesn’t just be a shock then go away this piece of artwork, it had a lingering effect that made you feel the pain of losing a planet and your home into the unknown.


I love Gamora she was brave, vulnerable and grew so much in the space of a very short comic. I thought that worked perfectly as the flow of the development of the  character was like a teenager growing into an adult. Her understanding that everything is not as black and white as it seems and that true friendship comes in the most unlikely places. I liked that she had so many moral messages attached to her as her character makes it a great journey of exploration. Nebula you don’t see as much in the comic which I would have like to have seen more of. She was very similar to the character of the film but I felt she was angrier and had more hate to get rid of. However, you could see that her existence was slowly breaking her in this comic through her dialogue and the way she was drawn. L’Wit was very innocent, beautiful and always being the other side of the argument to all Gamora’s decisions. I liked her character she also had this spunk to her and you felt like she had a something up her sleeve for later on. Divadi was a typical baddie in the sense of black and whiteness of his situation but he was necessary to show Gamora’s decision. He was really blinded by rage which made you so frustrated with his character. It was a great mix of character personalities here that complimented the plot.

I loved the plot of this comic because it gave a moral explanation to Gamora’s character not only in where she came from but also where she was going. It was like the perfect transition read before you dive into the films. It was an origin story for Gamora that I really needed because I felt like I wanted her past explained more but also to find why her revenge started how it would change to what I know her as in the films and partly in Guardians of the Galaxy comics I read. It was faced paced and action packed which meant I was constantly on the edge of my seat wondering how each decision would effect the ending of the planet and who stayed with it and who got away. I did find it a bit short I would have like the beginning part to have more context rather than straight into a battle. I felt the ending was a great cliffhanger over what will happen next.

I love this comic it just is the perfect way I think for anyone to get into the Guardians of the Galaxy but also Thanos’ story arc as well. It is a very emotional comic which tugs on a lot of heart strings of the past lives of different races and characters which ultimately for me made me want to read more about those parts of the Marvel universe. I think if your looking for an explanation for why Gamora left her revenge mission at the door this is the perfect comic for you. Also for any fans who loved the films and who are big fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters. I hope they do another volume of this story arc but I think they won’t sadly but will live in hope.

5 stars


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