Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Review

Genre: Fantasy, SCI-FI, Drama, Adventure

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So this film is about Scott who has had a bad break up with this girl called Envy so he decides to date a girl younger than him to get over Envy. One day at the library he sees this other girl going past and that is it he cannot get her out of his head. But who is she? Who are her Seven Evil Exes that seem to be following Scott?

My Thoughts:


So I love the plot of this film as it is simple structure that just has all these fantastical elements going on around it. I should explain the plot is about Scott has to defeat Ramona’s seven evil exes to win her favour which sounds like a video game which is probably why I love this film so much as I love to game (when I have time). Watching this film is kind like how you wish your life would go as it is just fun and not full of boring adult stuff like bills and jobs because you are just fighting for love (haha). This film hits the nail on the head for nostalgia from all angles of music, video games and fashion. I loved that every ex was completely different in their fighting style although I was annoyed at the Katanna twins fight were your focus was less on them but on Gideon which felt like a cop out. The ending so if you are not great with cheesiness then don’t watch this ending especially as it is just so corny. I think the only part I would say needed changing just to make it more epic is that I would have liked more of a fight or something to happen with Envy and Scott or even Ramona and Envy.


The characters in this film are all so hilarious and completely individual which allows you to form more opinions instead of having very similar characters in the film which I am seeing in a lot of new films. Envy wow she had the greatest look ever and Brie Larson is great at playing that irritating wanna be cool but not really cool character that makes you hate and love her at the same time. It felt like she was too much of a side character though I would have liked to have seen more of her. Scott the loveable silly guy that you just get so frustrated with as a character but still have so much sympathy for because you know there is a mushy heart deep inside. His character has so much awkward humour that you are just constantly cringing but in a good way. Knives she is so adorable and quite relatable as I think I can say that we have all made those silly mistakes of being a bit too hurt after a break up when we were young. However, her ending is just so calm and cool your almost annoyed at her or just really happy she has grown up. The band is weird set of characters that mostly just annoy you because you know they are just there to fill a void in the story but your rooting for them at the battle of the bands. His room-mate such a funny and cheeky character I just love the way he switches from being an asshole to a supportive friend its amusing. Also the bed talk scenes are just hilarious and so weird. His sister she is just adorable and lovely. Ramona she is the relatable mysterious woman that you want to be but also feel sorry for her at the same time. Her character’s lack dialogue is very clever as you can just see everything she is feeling through her eyes. The exes I don’t like any of them apart from Lucas Lee ( I mean seriously how can you hate him he just melts me). Although the worst is definitely Gideon as he is the worst jerk on the planet and I hate people like him but the funniest would be Todd so ridiculous and I am still laughing.


This film will forever have a special place in my heart as it is completely nostalgic about everything I love plus it incorporates elements of video gaming and the comic book fight scenes reactions. Sure it is not without its faults to do with the plot. However, if you are looking for an awkward, hilarious nostalgic film that will make you want to go and play Pac-Man then watch this. I haven’t read the graphic novel so I don’t know how it compares but I think that you can’t compare book and film versions as they are totally different art forms. It is good film if you are in bed on a Saturday and you want something to turn off your brain.

4 stars


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