Instinct Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1

Episode 1

I love Alan Cumming he has this mysteriousness and you can never quite guess what he is thinking. So this TV show is about a professor teaching psychopathic behaviour. Like Castle he has a book which the killer is using in his crimes so he is brought on to help solve the case. Alan also has a interesting past with crime which makes it less Castle and more of an original idea. Can he solve the case and will he become the partner to a difficult detective?

So I have pointed out it is like Castle but in all honesty it only makes you think that at the start once you start to delve into the background of the characters you begin to see that this show will take you many different journeys through their pasts that will make it different I hope. I love the casting of Alan Cumming and the detective; Bojana Novakovic they work perfectly together like two misfits who need each other to survive. The case is mildly interesting but has a clunky end. Hopefully the next episode will take it up a notch but I am intrigued.


Episode 2

This should have been the first episode’s case as each body was different and there was no obvious thread which would have got you completely hooked. So this episode was a fascinating case that weaved with great twists and turns. It followed a restaurant, a dead investor and lots of debt but how are they all connected?

In terms of this case it was intriguing and it played out with an tense and thrilling end. However this episode was lacking some character development. Even though there was in terms of the dynamic duo which was cute and hilarious as you can see their own banter starting. I wanted more about Lizzie. Overall, a good and fascinating episode.


Episode 3

This case is about a ruthless killer who has so much anger that he/she kills their victims by slicing their heads of clean. This killer is not only angry in his killings but their escalating very quickly can they get into their mindset before its too late?

Wow was this an insane but also fascinating case that kept you gripped throughout the episode. Usually with crime shows you dip in and out of the episode because if your like me and have seen a lot of crime shows have probably seen this crime before. However, with this episode you delve inside the killers mind and think your going one way towards solving this crime and then it flips completely the other way. There is a lot character development within this episode as you understand the bar situation that you really see how close these two are; Andy and Reinhart as a married couple. With the Lizzie you get an insight into her past life and family with her sister which I got very curious about plus leaves room for more exploring into that part of her life. Overall, this was a fantastic episode and if the show continues like this it will turn into one of my favourite crime shows.


Episode 4

This was a complex episode in all aspects from case to character development. The case was about three different crimes that look not connected but there is a small thread between them. The crimes were a spray attack of a chemical, a blown up blue horse on a carousel and a hotel room trashed with a body in it. These are such fascinating crimes themselves as they require certain anger and skill that are intriguing.

There was so much character development in this episode you almost felt overwhelmed. So with Reinhart you meet his father which is definitely an interesting experience to see the dynamic between them and between his father and his husband. I am clearly not going like this character because he is just an irritating to the show but I am intrigued to see where his character goes. The problem between Lt. Gooden and Lizzie is so sad and sweet at the same time as you really start to see Lizzie coming out of her shell as a person. It is an episode you really can’t miss.


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