Mockingbird Vol 1 Review

Genre: comic, superhero, science fiction, action

Author = Chelsea Cain, Kate Niemczyk

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This follows Mockingbird just on her regular everyday adventures for S.H.I.E.L.D.. Also there is an underlying issue of the combination of serums given to her as it has a weird connection to a virus. With the help of some surprising friends can she figure out what they are using it for?

My Thoughts:

I loved this comic mainly because it felt like you were having a day shadowing a superhero. But with a gradual build up to a bigger story which allowed you to get attached to the character and work out if she is a superhero you like.

Her narrating the comic was a perfect idea because you felt ingrained in how a superhero mixed in with S.H.I.E.L.D. thinks almost a bit like Black Widow but with a more relaxed attitude to life. She also had this great subtle humour that I loved. It was great that Cain put this underlying message throughout the comic about the environment and how we need to help save it more than ever. There was also another message about humans needing to use something till it is no longer useful.

There was a big personal struggle throughout the volume which was to do with the fact that humans never wanting something to end and her own personal struggle of powers and if they might kill her in the end. You really felt the struggle and the pain attached to her. Also the responsibility that goes with what was shown through a great scene with a young girl and her understanding of her powers.

Don’t get me wrong this isn’t all serious and topical issues throughout the comic there is some great light entertainment. Especially from one of her missions which is set in a cult sex dungeon. In which there is some great comedic dialogue. Also it’s hilarious how she gets herself in and out of those situation so quickly and easily.

Throughout the comic it does go through different relationships that she has which I liked that she had such an intriguing relationship status as it jumps between timelines. So your not really sure which guy is the guy or what happened to the other guy it’s like a mini soap opera in the middle.

The extra issue at the back was great mini story a fast and tense plot that kept you guessing on how it was going to end. The connection to her past was subtle and not overpowering which I prefer cause otherwise I get too confused. I did want a flashback scene of how she and the son interacted earlier in their lives I think would have been beneficial.

Overall, it is a great comic that I really enjoyed reading and sped through because I couldn’t put it down. Mockingbird is such a great character in this series she has so much personality and past to dig into that I just can’t wait for the next volume. I would say this great for anyone who loves heavy character based comics and Black Widow fans.

5 stars


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