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Genre = Drama, Romance, YA

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This story of two teenagers who both have cystic fibrosis. They both meet at the hospital as they are doing their treatment. They are two opposites Stella is strict with her regime while Will has a more lax approach to his serious type of cystic fibrosis. Will their friendship help their treatments or will friendship turn into something more?

My Thoughts:

I loved the plot of this it was so simple yet so complicated at the same due to the circumstances. It was the cutest and the cruellest love story mainly because you know there is going to be tragic moments but also because of the end.
The love story is one of those love stories that are in fairy tales. This plot instantly makes you love the characters. After watching the movie you just want to watch the vlog that documents both their lives because they are fascinating and lovely people and you get so invested in them. In terms of the ending it was so beautiful that I just cried I can’t explain how perfect it was. Although I would have liked not that ending you’ll know what I mean after you watch it.


Poe I loved his sassiness especially when he was talking about food you could tell that was his passion which made his character come alive even more. His determination to love and live life to the full was so refreshing and his skateboarding habit made me so nervous throughout the film. His love and kindness to his friends no matter what was going on with him was inspiring and so nice to see as there are too many horrid people in this world for my liking. He is one of those friends that you hope everyone has. Stella wow what a character I wish I had half her courage and determination she really was a depiction of a strong and powerful woman. She had this spirit and energy that I wish I could match because then I would be way more productive. I wish all people could take her outlook on life granted it would be a happier place but I think it would get a bit annoying after a while as it would be too happy. Will was everything you expect from a brooding, handsome and stubborn love interest. A painfully annoying rule breaker that you can’t take your eyes off of. Boy have I dated a few of them. I loved the comic style of his artwork as it showed a different outlook on the world plus its a great style. You feel ever so frustrated with him throughout the film but at the same time on the some level you understand his frustrations with the world and how it is not easy accepting who you are. Barb was a good character but I felt we didn’t see enough of her in the film. She was strict and kind at the same time which I like in a character because it usually means there is something in their past to explore which we could have seen more of. She is like their second mum which I always think is important to show because you never have one mum in your life and my life very much shows that.


I love this film its funny, sad, beautiful and so tense throughout which keeps you on the edge of your seat. Also you get so engaged with the characters that you want to make up your own ending for them of how things turn out. I think if your are looking for a great love story or something to renew your faith in love then this is the film for you. For once I think the teen film people got it right! Its just an incredible and inspiring film that should have been shown in more cinemas here in the UK.

5 stars


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