All or Nothing NFL S1 Ep 1-4

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Season 1

Episode 1

This TV show follows a NFL team on their journey to get to the Super Bowl from picking the team to strategy to home life of players and managers or coaches. This first episode goes into the team by giving you a lot of background of how the team started and where it has been over the past few years. This was such a fascinating idea for a TV show for me as NFL has recently started coming to the UK plus I went to America for the first time last year and I have always wanted to know more about the sport.

It not only gives you a lot of information about the sport but makes it into a journey and story that shapes everyone in Cardinals team lives. It has a great documentary style that makes you want to watch more but also has that sports game tension that I just love to watch. Overall, a great first episode that I can’t wait to watch more of series.


Episode 2

What an emotional roller-coaster episode and also thrilling. This episode follows them through three games which is a lot. At times I did find that they skip through the games a bit too quickly. As you want to see more reactions from players as well.

I really enjoyed it though as you felt like you learned a bit more about the ins and outs of the team. They kept the tension throughout the episode which made me glued to my seat. I enjoyed this episode a lot full exciting moments for the team I just felt it was a little rushed.


Episode 3

It is an emotional and exciting episode that just makes you get completely engrossed and love the game even more because it is that perfect mix of the game and the personal side of NFL. This episode focuses on the most critical games in the division which will move them forward as a team goes towards the play-offs.

It was so tense in some games because you had that start at a high score then something happens and there is a dip and your not sure if you will get that momentum back which for me is the most fascinating part of the game. It is a great episode that you just have to watch to work out whether it ends on a high.


Episode 4

This episode was filled with so much going on it whizzes past you because you’re so into that rush of the game and what is the next step. This episode really represents the ever changing nature of the game and the team plus how that effects how far you go in the league. It is a very tense episode not just because there are quite a few injuries within the team that mean people are out for a week or they are coming back and whether they can sustain being in the game.

It was nice to see a family member watching a game live because it showed how much of a community it is especially around those tough times within season where you can’t get thanksgiving off. The actual game towards the end was so tight scoring wise and you could just feel that uncertainty of which way it was going to go. This was a great episode that you got a great game to watch plus the Peterson family having their baby it was just a cute and tense episode.



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