Elevation Review

Genre: horror, SCI-FI, mystery, fiction

Author = Stephen King

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This novella by Stephen King follows the small American town of Castle Rock. Where Scott Carey who is is just minding his own business and enjoying being in his own little world. But suddenly he starts to lose weight which he thinks at first is nice but then it doesn’t stop and why is it happening? What can his lesbian couple neighbours and his doctor do about it?

My Thoughts:

At the start I thought this was a fascinating concept for a science fiction novella that would develop into a quite creepy story that had some alien or supernatural vibes to it. This made me really engaged with story but as I kept reading I got more and more disheartened. I feel that the story was very weak because I think this particular plot would be better suited for a full length novel than a novella as it needs development of the characters and the concept. I believe through this, it could have been a fascinating novel that explores the possibility that the situation could be supernatural which he hints at. The ending was unsatisfying as I felt that they could have done more for the character in his situation and it just frustrate me so much.


The two women; Deirdre and Missy I felt annoyed for them as they were just trying to live their idea of suburban lifestyle and there is this continuous brick wall that keeps coming there way. Also in terms of their relationship there was so much anger there which made me feel so sorry for them because you didn’t know if they were going to work it out. Towards the end they both really warmed up to me and I enjoyed their personalities which was brought out a lot more towards the end.


Scott was a fascinating character in the way he reacted to the process of slowly fading away from his life. I partly wanted him to put up a bit more of a fight as he was just so complicit which annoyed me a lot. I liked the way his personality and back story was brought out in drips and drabs throughout the book. As you don’t really know him properly till the end which made me like the character more.


The Doctor Bob was so irritating because Scott respected him so much and I think he may have secretly had some hand in this fading away process but it was never explored which honestly would have made the plot better. Plus he was more of a therapist than a doctor and those conversations were very stereotypical which I just can’t stand. The towns people were just mostly rude.


It started great with interesting concept that could have gone in many directions and that would have excited me as a reader. However, instead it went nowhere which frustrated me to no end. The characters where interesting at parts but a lot of the time they were very flat and annoying. For me this is not Stephen King at his usual best. This book is great for people who like experimental literary fiction but not for Stephen King fans.

2 stars



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