The Breadwinner Graphic Novel Review

Genre: graphic novel, war, human story

Author = Deborah Ellis, Nora Twomey, Aircraft Pictures, Cartoon Saloon and Melusine

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This is a story of a young girl who lives in a country where war is an ongoing struggle in her country, Afghanistan. She finds herself in a situation where her father is struggling to provide for his family. So she has an idea to dress up as a boy to allow her to able to work.


My thoughts:

This was a story that told so many sad truths that by the end you wish you could just wave your wand it would be happy people and paradise everywhere. However, that has its consequences too.


I really enjoyed this graphic novel as it conveyed the struggles of the family through the dialogue and expressions. The style of the artwork was taken from the film. This style has a innocent soft style to it that shows the love in the family which gives the story hope. The emptiness of the scenes portrays how alone and broken the city in this war is especially the tone of colour in the background.


I feel as if this was just a prelude to the film to get you interested in watching it which was a shame because I wanted the whole story. However, I do now want to watch the film. As I became very attached to the young girl, Parvana as she had this spirit that compelled you to know what happened to her in the end. She had this kindness and she was so pure of heart that you become very attached to her.


Overall, I enjoyed this graphic novel as it was the start of a fantastic story filled with hope and promise of a better life and the artwork was the similar to the animation of the film which has a soft and sad tone to it. However, it is too short for my liking but if your looking for a reason to read the books or watch the film read this first.


3 stars


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