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This films is about a British secret agent who has a different approach to working as an agent with slightly silly tactics. However, this doesn’t stop him from being the one agent for the case of the Queen’s stolen jewels. As all the other agents have gone. It’s basically a slapstick version of James Bond with Rowan Atkinson.


My Thoughts:


I half like this film it is one of those films you can watch when your in a non-concentrating mood. Its good film to watch if you want something ridiculous to watch but after a few watches over the years it gets old very quickly or maybe I am just getting older and my humour has changed. But mostly that whole Mr Bean meets James Bond act gets annoying after a while. Also you have two support characters that don’t tolerate Johnny English and instead of using that in the comedy they just role their eyes constantly. The script is also another issue in this film. Sure it has some strong moments with English and Bough stuck round the huge hole. However, apart from some momentary funny bits its reads like an ill thought out kids movie.


Johnny English is just so irritating and at some point so silly and gross that you just can’t stand to watch him and so you kind of turn off from the film and don’t really worry about whether he gets the bad guys or not which is sad because it has the potential to be something great and funny alongside James Bond but it just tanks. I think that is partly due the wrong cast being chosen for the film who drag the film along. Unfortunately John Malkovich turns into a two year old rather than playing around with idea that this villain has to appeal mostly to kids but also for adults.


I think this film is one of those films that you describe as okay and it is nothing else. The car chases are a bit boring and not as fun as they could be and the acting is just too over the top that it turns out to be not funny. So that is really all I have to say about this film it is shame but it is not one that I’ll keep on my shelf and I have little faith for the next two.

2 stars


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