Stranger Things Season 1 Ep 5-8 Review

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So here is Stranger Things Part 2:


Season 1


Episode 5

What an episode it’s just full of arguments and surprising moments which I love because you see who is more likely to survive in a horror film trope way. So Nancy and Jonathan are teaming up to find the monster. Hopper has gone full rogue and Joyce is suspicious of her ex-husband Lonnie.

This episode I was on the edge of my seat the whole time especially when the kids were on the train tracks. You just feel completely tense throughout then the ending comes and your even more tense! This episode is perfect for horror fans and if you create an atmospheric room it amplifies the episode.


Episode 6

It is all coming together in this episode everyone is starting to connect the dots. Nancy and Jonathan are out on a mission to find the monster. Boy do they have an adventure plus they are cute together.

The boys have had a big argument and are now separated and Eleven is missing. But can the boys figure out what is really is going on before they snatch Eleven back. Plus Hopper and Joyce find a woman that might have some answers. It’s such thrilling and heartbreaking episode that brings out all the anger of each character which is why I love it as it is such heightened emotion. The funeral part is just so weird and it feels so creepy to watch it because you know something is wrong. That ending I was just sitting there going noooo and that sound that the world makes ewww so gross.


Episode 7

OMG this episode is like a mini amazing SCI-FI and thriller film. In this episode the boys find Eleven and are now trying to work together to find Will? But will they get him in time? Also stuff goes down with Steve. It’s just all happening!

This episode is just incredible I would rewatch over and over mainly because it is that perfect mixture of action and friendship throughout. Also it’s team up time and I just love teams in TV shows they make so much drama and banter. Plus it’s edge of your seat tension. If your wondering why I watch this TV show this episode says it all!


Episode 8

This is the most epic season finale on the planet. So now it’s all about finding Will and bringing him back as a team. But also there is a giant monster and government men chasing them too so not really much going on I mean you could go make a cup tea in this episode. I’m kidding you really can’t!

Everything about this episode is amazing the tension, characters and effects. The monster is so freaky it’s like something out of Guillermo del Torro’s mind. You just have to watch it it’s epic ending and new beginning.


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