Injustice Gods Among Us Volume 1 Review

Genre = comic, superheroes, drama, thriller, epic

Author = Tom Taylor, Jheremy Raapack, Mike S. Miller, Tom Derenick and David Yardin

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This comic follows the action of one human, The Joker and the ripple effect it has on the superhero community. Especially in regards to Superman it is that point at which you loose the Man and he only becomes the Super part. It looks at the idea of which side of the superhero community would you be on Batman or Superman?


My Thoughts:

It is so hard not to give anything away with this comic as the story is so dependent on this one event which I think set the scene perfectly to create this political upheaval in the superhero community. It is a fascinating argument because it not only assumes the stereotypes of who goes with which side but also brings in some of the characters history together into consideration.


I loved the storyline of Superman’s inner struggle as I have always had this picture of him in my head that he is this annoyingly perfect man with no flaws clearly I haven’t read enough of his comics. It was nice to see his connection to the world, his political thoughts and how they affect his judgement of what is right and wrong in a situation which determines his actions. It is that question what is really for the greater good and will it have that good an impact or will it just bring continued destruction.


The Joker part of this comic is done beautifully as for a lot of characters in the DC universe he is that person who just tortures your mind with the possibility of fear and not knowing what he will do next. Is right to keep him around or is not safe to is such a fascinating argument because it brings up that fundamental argument in society what do we do with criminals. This particular comic really gets to the nitty-gritty of that.


The artwork in this comic is big and bold with bright colours to show emphasis of the point of the political message of this comic. One of my favourite scenes is when Superman is heading towards a hostile situation and it is strips of his degrees of anger while he is flying it brings out the tension of the scene perfectly. The fight scene between Wonder Woman and Ares is so epic and it has some beautiful reds in it.


Overall, it’s a fantastic comic that is thrilling to read and full of political relevance to today’s society. It is very fast paced and there is not much dialogue which I think towards the end of it would have been better if there was to develop the plot further. It is great for anyone who starting to read to comics as you don’t need know hardly anything before hand apart that The Joker is a problem. I am looking forward to see where the story develops in the next volume.

4 stars


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