Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Review

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This is about Sheikh Muhammed who would like to introduce salmon fishing to the Yemen so he tasks one of his secretaries to start the project. So in turn she contacts a government employee called Alfred who she thinks will help with the project but boy is she wrong. Alfred lives just outside London in a nice little house with a pond and a wife who is always on business trips. So when this opportunity arises he think poppycock this is never going to work and sends that exact type of email to the secretary Harriet with a list things that need to be done. Little does he know she comes back straight away with part of the list done!


My Thoughts:

This film is one those ones you half want to keep because it brings out some sort of emotion in you but there are some really awful cheesy parts that annoy in the film but you keep it on your shelf anyway. Don’t get me wrong this film has its perks of a love story of two people one whose marriage is no longer existing and the other person is trying to find that person you dream of. This obviously makes you coo and go aww for a lot of the film which there is something soothing about.


However, Harriet’s military boyfriend, Robert, wow I really just couldn’t stand his character, the acting or understand his purpose other than to be a flat character that you grunt at when he comes onto your screen. The situation between Alfred and his wife Mary who is the most horrid person I have ever come across in a film and I questioned a lot why she even married him if she has no real interest in her marriage or Alfred as a person. It is just incredibly painful and sad to watch but I think works well to give that contrast between someone who is invested and someone who isn’t. Kirsten Scott Thomas was the comedy in this film she really should play that role more often as she is so hilarious I was in stitches and that line she says to her son going out the door is hilarious and a classic line.


The idea of the project is an interesting project of cooperation and foreign relations and how we wish our government would do something to help people but our reality is not like that unfortunately but hopefully it will be one day. Overall, it is a sweet film with some great moments of friendship and love but also shows a lot of the struggles that we face in the modern world today. That maybe working together to help each might be a good idea hopefully these times today have shown us that but time will tell. Its not a perfect film but it is a great film for a lazy afternoon watch.

3 stars


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