All or Nothing NFL S1 Ep 5-8

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Season 1

Episode 5

What a thrilling episode I was on the edge of my seat and whooping in the game parts. This follows the team through their December games which is one of the hardest as this is where it tests your strength as a player.

I was gripped completely with this episode as it is possible that if they win these two games they have a spot in the play-offs. There were some extremely tense moments as injuries start to occur in this part of the season. Plus the outfit for the loser was hilarious and adorable. You do not want to miss this episode.


Episode 6

This was an episode that is going to pull on your heartstrings and you go crazy in excitement. It follows the team in the last two games before the play-offs. It shows a lot about the mentality of how the game effects you.

The first game I loved watching the gameplay as it was focused and kept the pace. However, the second game it was chore to watch as it didn’t focus and I wanted more from it. It’s emotional ride that I want to watch again though.


Episode 7

Wow what another tense episode I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole way. It was mind was blown. This is episode that determines whether they are in the endgame and wow the tension was built perfectly.

I was so engaged and emotionally attached to all the players as you really feel like you’ve been on a journey with them. I felt by the end that this is something I want to go see live, definitely. It just has this energy and love in it that I want to be a part of.


Episode 8

Wow that was an ending I just can’t talk about as you just have to watch it. However, it’s not what I was expecting but an interesting end. Can’t wait to watch another fascinating season.


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