The Maker of Monsters Review

Genre = middle grade, children’s fiction, fantasy, mythical

Author = Lorraine Gregory

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This follows Brat who lives in a castle and his master who makes monsters to get revenge on Lord Karush who took his daughter away from him and banished him from the city. The master decides to make an army of monsters to defeat Karush and get his daughter back. But his monsters are stronger than he thinks and will Brat be able to be the hero?


My Thoughts:

I adored this book, I haven’t read an amazing adventure story that I have devoured like this in a while. I love the mini monsters; Tingle and Sherman who are just the cutest and sweetest monsters who I wish I had as pets. The combination of the two personalities works perfectly to create an awesome group of friends who capture your heart. I love the way that Sherman is the wise friend and Tingle the young friend it makes it seem like they are his shoulder personalities like the devil and the angel on either side of you concept.


Brat I personally would have liked a different name but that is just my opinion about names. I love his character because you really feel like you go on a journey with him throughout the story like you are sitting around a campfire and he is telling you the story of his adventures. His first person narrative has this way of just drawing you in and wanting you to read more and more without making it sound that it is all about him which can happen with first person narratives. The ending with him was so emotional, beautiful and heartbreaking but also brave all that just cemented my opinion of this character that he was even more awesome than Percy Jackson (sorry but you got read it to find out now!).


The plot throughout was a page turner with the story being slowly drip fed to you the information that you need to know how it will end or will it end that way you’ll have to read it to find out. I just couldn’t put it down I read about 140 pages in a day and that is hard for a dyslexic. The story just carries you along which is why at no point do you feel the plot falters. I loved the scenes with the monster army as they were just that little bit scary but not too much so you would give it to a mature eight year old. Those scenes are so tense and intense that your almost praying nothing happens because your so attached to the group of friends.


The others in the group for instance Molly wow she is such a badass, loving and interesting character. I also love the representation of a young girl having two parents who are separated but still being this awesome and inspiring character. I have to say all the characters I grew up with that were like me with separated parents all had so many issues. Molly just gives me hope and I hope she can give hope to other children with separated parents.


I enjoyed the fact that the author didn’t suddenly switch and make it all about the daughter of Lord Macawber, Ellari, because throughout you are told that she is the key to defeating the monsters. She made it into a group effort and supporting each other which made me connect more with the characters. It also allowed the plot to focus tighter on the defeat of the monsters and bringing everyone together.


I could go on and on talking about how much I love this book because it is just one the greatest adventure books I have with an amazing cast characters and monsters that just engross you into the story and that you never want to let go of. I hope she makes this into series because she has created characters that I am sure will stick children through their childhood. This is a great story for children who love adventures, great friendships, monsters and thrilling story and in terms of age a mature 8 year old upwards.

5 stars


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