Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes Volume 1 Review

Genre = fantasy, comic, religious

Author = Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg, Malcolm Jones III, Karen Berger

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So this the story of the Sandman who has lost his most precious possessions as evil people have take them. Then the world turns into chaos as the Sandman is the king of the dream world. His most precious possessions end up in this hands of humans which not only doesn’t look good for them but also makes it very difficult for the Sandman to find them. Go on this journey with him into the world of the strange and gruesome if you dare!


My Thoughts:

So I’ll admit not all of this comic has sunk into my brain as it is a lot to digest and the artwork is out of this world. However, what has sunk in, I have really enjoyed because it is so crazy but then also so relatable to human life and how destructive it can be. I think I was expecting a long winded epic about the different characters in the Christian religion with a lot of deep feelings and scenes that just make you hate humanity. Don’t get me wrong they are there but in a more subtle tone that makes you think how typical humanity is sometimes.


I have to say I love Morpheus who is just not in the world and thinks of only of getting his possessions back. You partly feel sorry for him as he doesn’t have anyone to love him or for him to love. He is character that you just can’t quite understand that doesn’t reveal himself enough because of who he is which makes you keep reading. Some of the scenarios in this comic are total insane that just make you think what on earth just happened but you just want to know why it did by reading more. I think Neil Gaiman has this way of just completely drawing you in to this world where you’re not sure what’s going on but you never want to leave.


The artwork in this comic is beautiful and conveys human emotion with so much depth and sadness that it is sometimes hard to look at for instance when Constantine and Morpheus goes to see Constantine’s old love. Wow that scene was so hard to read and very poignant about looking at the way we always want more. The landscape of hell is so bright but dark at the same time. Looking at it unnerves you in a way you feel like there is something missing in the picture.


Overall, you can see that this comic really did effect me and I think that would be true of most people who read it as it looks at the true awfulness of human nature and how far can we take suffering. Its sad yes but it has a lot of black humour to it which I think keeps you reading. Another thing that keeps you reading is that mystery behind Morpheus’ character. I think this comic is for people who are Gaiman fans, who have a strong stomach and who looking for something that will mind boggle you and make you think at the same time.

4 stars


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