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This film is about a family going on holiday to their holiday home in Santa Cruz. But there is a history there for the mother who had a traumatic experience there when she was a child. Then suddenly there is a family standing outside their home just staring at them and they look vaguely familiar!


My Thoughts:

I remember when I saw the trailer for this film I was so hyped it was unreal first because it’s the director, Jordan Peele, who also directed and wrote Get Out which I thought was so insanely creepy! So I think I was expecting quite a lot from this film. However, sadly I was a bit disappointed at the ending which I was really trying not to be. On looking back I think it was because I wanted a clear cut conclusion and on even further reflection I think Jordan Peele is leaving it open to hopefully go back to these characters or at least expand on the idea of what happens in this film.


So firstly I am going to try to make this no spoilers as much as I can which is very hard to do because there are so many things I want to talk about but they will just spoil it for you so lets see how this goes. I think I would have preferred that the certain people with scissors would all talk because I think that could have taken it to the next level psychologically but I did enjoy that single connection with the mother that felt like a nod to the importance of mothers in a family. Their interaction together just had you question which was the good and bad side.


The concept of this film is such a clever and great idea it is just the ending which is the main reason I didn’t make this five stars. As it felt a little clunky and I was hoping for closure and not seeing the people anymore but I guess he was using that as a political message which if you take it just as that it works perfectly. It’s just that it felt like a set up for a sequel which I would be very interested to see how he would develop it and mould the idea into something even more relevant. It’s one of those endings where he ends on a thinker but this was irritating to my brain who likes to have all questions answered but hopefully he will answer them in another film.


The characters were incredible so complex and fascinating with each of their quirks that kept engrossed in their actions. I think my favourite has to be both mothers they are just characters that really get under your skin. Plus Elizabeth Moss just has this creepy smile that really does give you nightmares. It is just one of those films where your like oh no please don’t do that every five seconds. Still I was expecting a lot more jump scares that is not the case in this film it’s more in the way of psychological decisions.


Overall, it’s great film but for me it’s not as good as Get Out which is a shame because that just gets everything right. So definitely go see it and let me know your thoughts and what you think those people will do next?

4 stars


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