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Season 1


Episode 1

So some years ago at London Film and Comic-Con some of the cast of Vampire Diaries came so my friend Olivia (That Fiction Life her blog and vlog are amazing will leave links below) would not stopped talking about it. So I started a rewatch of it, she inspired me. I remember when I first watched this TV show I was hooked within the first ten minutes but then after season three I just trailed off and stopped watching for some reason.

I must admit watching it as an adult and not a teenager I do find it just the tiniest bit creeped out by Stefan. He just has this demeanour that draws you in. That combined with those eyes and smile just makes your heart melt. I remember I loved his character as a teenager because he had this tortured soul. Now I think I like him less because he is mature and mysterious, so much has changed.

As for Damon always had adored him, its that bad boy attraction. Also he is unpredictable and devilish. I don’t like him at first, you just hate him because you know he is going to be trouble. As for Elena, she is quite interesting with this mummy side to her which is why I like her because I have that too. She kind of annoys me at points because she is a bit irritatingly perfect.

Bonnie I love her, she is such a cool friend and I just love her personality I’d love to be like her. Caroline irritates me to no end but you feel sorry for her because she doesn’t know any better. I don’t know maybe she’ll grow on me again. In terms of plot its a very ambiguous episode in terms of where it is going which I like. That cemetery scene its so weird and awkward and I think its should be elongated. The fight is my favourite scene its tense and dangerous filled with so many possibilities and I am so rooting for Stefan. It ends on a perfect cliff hanger of half knowing what is going to happen. Overall, a tense and intriguing first episode filled with mysterious characters that draw you in!

Episode 2

So now that we have established that Elena and Stefan are destined to be together. Of course the naughty brother turns up and his name is Damon and by all means he is dark, mysterious and sexy with that look that makes melt towards him. He is causing trouble with a certain incident with Vicky as she was attacked in the woods but by who? Can Damon convince her of who it might be?

I think this episode its filled with drama and soppy love moments that just melt your heart. There is so much love drama in this episode sometimes I am just like make up your minds who you are with I mean is it really that difficult, but that is what makes it fun to watch. The scene on the roof with Stefan, Damon and Vicky is so tense and I was sitting on the edge of my seat. Overall, its good episode that is drama filled but at some points it was clumsily put together.


Episode 3

So as we continue on this road of weird teenage relationships and vampires this is where it starts to get devious. So Elena is trying to work out how to get Bonnie and Stefan to play nice. Caroline has gone way off the rails. Oh poor Jeremy he is just doesn’t know how deep he is in love.

I think this episode is a bit slow but at the same time not because you have all this drama with Damon and Caroline which I believe the idea was to give it some balance but it makes it messy. Elena is such an annoying character I remember when I first started watching this series I wanted Bonnie to be the main character so badly. It is an okay episode.


Episode 4

Now its starting to get interesting! With annual Founders ball upon Mystic Falls it is time for all the cards to be laid on the table. Damon and Stefan still in a brotherly feud and Caroline getting in the way. Vicky is starting to see everyone’s true self. There is a secret that is revealed that will have itching to watch more.

This episode was so good it was that episode where you say this is the reason I watch this show. Elena was less annoying and starting to have more of a personality. Stefan you got to see a dark side that I like and also makes my opinion of him nervous about what he is going to do next. Jenna why oh why I just wished she had handled that differently. What a good ending I love cliff hangers even though they make me so annoyed when I can’t continue because the next episode isn’t out but in this case not a problem.


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