Temple Season 1 Ep 1-4 Review

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Season 1


Episode 1

This show follows a doctor that has recently has had the sad loss of losing his wife to an illness. He himself is a surgeon which he is not working as at the moment although it seems like he is still working. It also follows a young man who is part of a robbery that goes wrong and ends up getting shot and winds up at the surgeon’s  door. However, there is even more to this story than you think.

I love Mark Strong as an actor he has this way of hooking you into a story and not being able to stop watching as his characters always have this mystery about them. I think the daughter is a mysterious character that has more that she is not telling us. The whole dynamic of this episode is creepy because you know there is something not right with this situation. Its a thrilling new series that I am hooked on.


Episode 2

This was a sad episode to say the least. I mean I don’t know how you would describe it but I know it will just break your heart completely. After, things start getting a bit hairy with Lee’s friend. Daniel on the other hand decides to get his wife’s colleague involved Anna who is less than happy to be involved in his enterprise. Not only that but you see the last days of Daniel and his wife and by the end I was just in tears because its beautifully shot and Mark Strong breaks your heart.

This episode I found had so much going on at times it was just too much to process and chopping between two timelines didn’t work quite as well. I think it would have been better if they’d had it as two separate parts of the episode. There was a lot of character development and insight here, especially with Daniel and working out how he got to the point in the situation he is now. The part with the police was so tense and you don’t know if she knows anything. It was an interesting but emotional episode which slowed the pace quite a bit.


Episode 3

So you start to see the normal procedure for the way the underground business works. However there is a problem a client who is a bit too feisty. Plus Daniel’s daughter wants to understand why he left his job.

This episode feels like a filler for something bigger to come. I like the sub plot of the guy who needs his face fixed a good side track to keep the pace. It was a bit slow this episode but interesting as it focused dynamics between characters.


Episode 4

So in this episode you think the situation is starting to look up but boy does it turn in the opposite direction very quickly. The clinic is doing well and plants are starting to grow as sustainable food source. Lee meets an old friend from secondary school and you see the start of the relationship between Anna and Daniel. The boy really misses his girlfriend which is so sweet and sad.

This episode very much focuses on choices and how important they are to the way your life will go. This episode was quite choppy because it was switching between many stories which means you have to concentrate in this episode which at points is a bit annoying. I liked looking at Lee’s story a bit more he is an interesting character that has an interesting past. Daniel you feel sorry for but also you think he is making such stupid decisions at some points in this episode. You will be frustrated with a lot of characters after this episode.


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