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This Marvel film follows the coming together of some of the greatest superheroes we had seen so far; Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Captain America. Can they stop Loki’s insane plan to rule?


My Thoughts:

I remember the first time I saw this movie I was so nervous I had only really gotten into to Marvel movies when the first Captain America came out and then I thought “this is my home” basically. I was nervous because I thought they could easily mess this up because the characters would be in too many places at once, with all these plots they had to connect or hint at (and boy is there a lot of hinting in this film I realise that now writing at this point that we are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Then when I watched it my eyes were literally glued to the screen for the whole time and that is rare for me as usually I can’t fully concentrate or if I am watching something on the go or at home I will do something at the same time but even now I have to have my fullest attention when watching it. It was the start of the greats of Marvel.

The combination of these characters together just works perfectly as they have such differing skills and personalities and they are cut from different worlds especially with Thor and Captain America but have this common goal to protect. I think in terms of favourite characters it has to be a toss-up between Thor and Natasha, they are just so individual and cool in their methods of fighting and that they are so certain in what they do and also what it means to them personally. They have that struggle behind them that gives that depth to their character that I always find fascinating to figure out.

Stark is as sarcastic and witty as ever; I have a love/hate relationship with Tony because he is at the point in the MCU where you think he has changed completely in regard to his outlook on life but you’re always wondering about whether he truly has.

Loki as a bad guy OMG! He is the funniest and evilest looking bad guy I have comes across in Marvel and he has the most badass costume, I mean those horns wow! So I am not such a big fan of Hawkeye and I remember when I first watched this film I found him an odd addition to the group and I hadn’t read any of his comics so didn’t understand his connection. Hulk is just a big cuddly bear that I love so much, Mark Ruffalo does a fantastic job playing this character. Can’t forget Captain America he is another a love/hate relationship which is to do with my feelings about how I believe that his character isn’t fully formed in these early films in the MCU.

In terms of the battle scenes, well if you look at it from today’s perspective that is just unfair the technology has come so far nowadays but they really were beautiful. The battle at the end is definitely epic and keeps you engaged because you’re trying to work out where all the characters are. Plus, the bad guys are so freaky and have some pretty interesting weapons on them. You can see they took a bit of a leaf out of Star Wars in terms of the bad guy’s equipment. The battle in the sky I always feel like is a bit flat because you see a lot more of the recovery than the battle. In my opinion, this was a missed opportunity for more of a build up towards the climatic fight. The pacing in this is fast and there is not really time to think which I enjoy as you are so caught up in the action.

In terms of those moments that break your heart there are not many as was pointed out to me by a friend although there is one that sticks in my mind and that is when Captain America is looking at his trading card it is a moment of reflection and nostalgia all at the same time. But there is one more and that is the conversation between Tony and Captain America on the ship talking about whether they are soldiers and what that means to be one. That really struck a chord with me and brought out the human side of the situation.

Overall, it is an amazing film one that changed my perspective on what a superhero film could be. The potential it had for keeping people entertained for as long as a Harry Potter film, which at the time was franchise that set the bar for what Marvel wanted to achieve down the line which is quite impressive. It also changed the game of I think of how important superheroes would be to the film industry in the future and how they could take that Harry Potter top spot and turn it into something incredible which they have. It just continues to get better so keep an eye as I have so much more to introduce you to!!


5 stars


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