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Genre: poetry, YA

Author = Jason Reynolds

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So this is a piece of poetry that truly is the most inspirational piece of poetry I have ever read!


My Thoughts:

I have to say I wished I had this book a few years ago when I needed that push and that knowledge that everything is okay you just gotta keep living life the way you want to. It is so hard for me to describe how much this piece of poetry just made me believe in myself again and that I could do anything I wanted to.


This is the second book of Jason Reynolds I have read and WOW I love his writing he has this way of going deep inside to that emotional core of you with such beauty that you come out of the experience being more knowledgable and inspired to do something about the subject. This particular book I read in one afternoon after a long day when a lot of things had happened to me but this picked me up and I felt like Wonder Woman after reading it.


He recited this piece of poetry at the unveiling of Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial at the Kennedy Centre which I wished I was there to see I can’t imagine the amount of energy and love that the speech inspired.


All in all, I loved this short precious gem of poetry and I will treasure it on my shelf forever. This is now going to be my go to inspirational present for everyone in my life. If you are feeling like something isn’t going the right way or your having a bad day pop into Waterstones or your local book store and pick up a copy of this book and it will inspire you to continue to your dreams and that they are possible!

5 stars


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