Golden Kamuy Vol 1 Review

Genre = Manga, historical, adventure, thriller

Author = Satoru Noda

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This follows a veteran soldier who was in the Russo-Japanese War that is immortal. He hears a legend of buried treasure and that the map was drawn on the backs of prisoners. Then he stumbled upon a body but not only that a bear and girl as well. How will they all connect?


My Thoughts:

I loved this manga I literally cannot wait to start reading more it’s so thrilling and mysterious and those two traits for me are the perfect combination. I heard about this Manga through going to the British Museum exhibition about Manga last year and just had to pick it up.


I was so hooked on it I had to force myself to read it over two days as I was reading it so quickly I thought I was missing bits. It is one of those stories that you want read again and again as it gives an insight into the human brain and some history at the same time.


I love reading in black and white there is something quite soothing about it but also this art has more of a sketching quality to it which really brought out the depth of the emotion. I adore the landscapes in this manga I would love to have them framed on my wall there is something about snowy mountains that makes you instantly happy.


The soldier is a fascinating character as you find him at a time in his life where he is going through enormous grief and guilt also in need of a friend. I didn’t understand him at first but now I feel for him and I think I will grow to like him even more. The young girl to be honest if I was with her I would be a bit afraid of her but also I love her courage and knowledge. They make a great team as one is unsure of their path and the other is the opposite, very sure of their path and they have a great connection.


The plot is fast paced and more action then dialogue but with those bits of dialogue you really can create personalities of the characters in your head. Overall, it is my favourite manga so far because it is just so fascinating and eerie. I think this is for twelve upwards and his one that will inspire you to look up the history it talks about and connect with the characters.

5 stars



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