Riverdale Season 1 Ep 1-4 Review

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Season 1


Episode 1

There is something about the mysteriousness of this show that just draws you in. Originally based on the Archie Comics, Riverdale is about a group of teenagers who live in a small town. However, they have a dramatic summer in which one of their classmates dies. But what really happened to that boy who was he?

For a first episode this is packed with drama and gossip plus fascinating characters. It feels like the teenage version of Desperate Housewives with that layer of scandal and shame added on top. I think my favourite character would be Veronica but the most interesting is Betty because you know she is going to flip at any moment. You won’t be disappointed with this first episode it will get you hooked!


Episode 2

Wow this episode just amped the drama up 100 per cent which has made me completely hooked and I now just want to the binge the whole season. This episode follows on from the sad ending of Betty and Archie which continues to get sadder and more tense. Not just that but guess who turns up on the shore you guessed right Jason’s body which shows really what grief can do to people. The rest I will let you find out cause it sure is juicy.

I feel sorry for Archie a lot but I feel like there is something we are missing from his personality that would make my judgement of him change. I love that you get to see more Jughead than just his narration even though he plays a very stereotypical role he is very mysterious. That you just want to sit him down and go “tell me everything you know” because you know he knows more than he is letting on. This episode just makes you question everything you are predicting in your head watch it!


Episode 3

So the revenge episode there is nothing quite like these kind of episode as you never know how are any of the characters are going to go and if it will tip them over the edge. I will say this the staging and lighting make everything so mysterious which means you question everything that is going on which I love. So this focuses on the date of Veronica and Chuck and how that takes a turn for the worse. Not only that Archie is having his own struggles with his father taking him seriously and Betty is trying to break free from her mother’s clutches.

So yeah this episode is jam packed full of drama and character development into who is going to crack or not. I feel like the scene with Miss Grundy and Archie’s father was so tense but also I was kind of hoping he would figure it out. Sheryl, I thought it was good she took a step back from this episode because too much of her character is annoying and I think I would stop watching the show. The team up of Betty and Veronica was sweet but also had some creepy sides to it. It is I think my favourite episode because there is so much possibility of which path the show can take.


Episode 4

So the Archie and Miss Grundy situation is it really going to last? Well you definitely find out in this episode. With Betty now on the case there is little she can’t uncover. Plus Jughead has a few secrets of his own that he reveals.

This episode was so scandalous it was almost a telenovela but with a dark twist so that you don’t know what is coming next! I love all the characters especially Veronica she has this need to know personality that I love. Plus her mum is devious as hell. This episode really hooks you in you just can’t say too much as you’ll spill all the secrets.


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