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This film is about Bella, her parents are separated and she decides to live with her dad in Forks for a while. Little does she know that there is a boy or is he boy that will capture her heart. Is there a secret behind the boy?


My Thoughts:

Well you can sort of guess my thoughts on this film but I’m going to tell you anyway. In all fairness to it I do appreciate what it has done for the teen genre in book and film form which has allowed other such amazing films and books to be produced which I am thankful for.


However, this is not a film I like purely because of the way it represents relationships and I find it to be beyond the idea of a vampire living a human life and turning into the creepy and dangerous zones of what a relationship is without pointing out that it is creepy. The whole thing with Bella and Edward not only creeps me out but makes me cringe soooo much. This is partly due to the fact that it is not acted very well and there is a lack of connection between the two characters for me. It just sends shivers down my spine of this relationship completely doesn’t work.


I remember the first time I watched it I was interested because it was the new cool thing but as I grew older and only by a few years I started to just slowly dislike the idea of it. I remember when I saw the film I thought Bella was so silly, she should have just chosen Jacob. He was a much better choice little did I know what would happen in the rest of the story then I read the books and oh dear.


Overall, I think this film has a place in all YA lovers lives because it did either open your eyes to more exciting things or you enjoyed it. I do think it needs to be pointed out more that this is fantasy and in no way should this be in any way seen as a reality. It’s one of those films you feel an obligation to watch but then you end up  understanding why your opinion is the way it is. It is an interesting look at how vampires have developed in this period of time in our culture and how it revitalised itself with films and books like these showing our fascination with the unknown and dangerous.

2 stars


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2 thoughts on “Twilight Film Review

  1. Even though I’m a guy, I’ve got to side with your analysis on this story-line. I find that Bella lost her individual entirety in her character portrayal, a choice that she willingly gave up in pursuit and curiosity of this very strange man/boy, whatever “it” was. I don’t think Bella was rounded out in depth enough, in that there is really no exploration of her studies, dreams, hobbies, hopes and interests outside of this profound obsession with this weird creature, which dominates the story. Instead of being mysterious, I do think he comes off as creepish in a twisted sort of way.

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