Saga Volume 5 Review

Genre = comic, fantasy, adventure, drama

Author = Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples

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This volume is the fix it volume where every character is trying to fix the mess they made in the last volume or ones before. For instance Sophie helping to find the antidote for The Will. Alana and Klara are trying to get out of their ship to save Hazel. Marko well Marko is trying to figure himself out and how he is going to get back to his family. If that isn’t enough there are some rebels knocking about causing a lot of trouble.


My Thoughts:

I don’t what it is about this series, I love it completely but I have trouble keeping up with all the storylines and remembering them. However, in this volume I felt they all came together more in my head because you had characters mixing from different stories. For example, the unusual but perfect combination of Prince Robot IV and Marko. They had this great bickering together like a married couple in a way plus they are both in similar situations so it feels very natural.


The artwork in this volume definitely took it to the next level with the Komodo dragon water lizards they are so beautifully designed plus have fascinating habits and behaviours. The landscapes in this volume were stunning especially the rock structures on the island with the Komodo dragons as they had beautiful blues and purples in them. I think my favourite page artwork would the page with the tree woman that was hilarious and calming mainly because of the font of the words.


The plot of this volume was quite slow but it felt very much like a build up towards the culminating many of the different subplots like the rebels and the Will coming together next volume I hope. I found the part on the island trying to find a certain Komodo dragon for the antidote thrilling but also really funny at parts because of the actions and banter between the characters. I have to say though I don’t trust Sophie that much I know she has good intentions but she gives me the creeps.


The part between Klara and Alana was nice to see them fighting together and understanding each other as I always find them being at opposite ends of their relationship really annoying because you know that they would make a great team. However, I understand it is for building tension in the comic. That whole situation makes you feel sorry for the kidnapper because you know he has been misunderstood all his life and been left behind by society which has contributed to him going down this path which is a pertinent argument at this time in our world’s society.


I think the dialogue was full of character development in this volume due to the amount of flashbacks which I enjoyed because it felt like I was learning so much about relationships between characters but also the history of the world and how different situations came about. Those flashbacks were heavily Marko focused and his dialogue was not whiny but reflecting which felt refreshing as usually his is a very irritating character I find.


Overall, I enjoyed this volume a lot mainly because of certain parts or pieces of artwork in it but as a whole it felt a little choppy and was missing flow to where the overarching plot was going. Although I have a feeling it will be revealed in this next volume. Although I have to say this is my least favourite volume which is a shame it is partly due to the fact that I found a lot of characters rather annoying in their actions. I think I just wanted more but it is definitely an important volume as it gives you a lot insight into the world.

3 stars


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