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This is the film that is based on the very popular Wattpad series called After. The film follows a young girl going to college for her first year thinking that she is going to be practical and do a business major. With a high school best friend boyfriend and a protective mother she is all set for a great experience. Then she meets her room-mate who is definitely not what her mother wants as a influencer but she smooths it over. Then she meets her room-mates friends which includes Hardin. Hardin is your typical bad boy. Will they fall for each other or will it just be too much?

My Thoughts:

So going into this film I was like I know for a fact I am either going to laugh all the way through it because it is just going to be like twilight (too cheesy for words and slightly problematic) or I am going to hate it. Surprisingly I actually enjoyed it for me it is just a typical teen film about two people who are madly in love with each other and because they are young they don’t how to live with that idea. I know seriously cheesy but also highly relatability because we have all been in those super passionate relationships where you are just glued at the hip. So not what I was expecting.


Going deeper into the nitty-gritty bits of the film I found the script so typically vomit cheesy but also in some places that was good idea then in others it was obvious that there was not much thought put into to the dialogue which was sad. As with teen romance being that genre that is continuously looked down on, you would think they would try improve it not keep the same system they have been trolling out for at least 15 years. The plot was typical but worked well in the sense that it kept the flow of the film going. I think I would have liked a bit more drama between the High School boyfriend and Hardin they were just way too chill. I also thought they could have expanded on those scenes where Hardin was processing what he had done as that is not a side we get to see in films today.


The acting well it was certainly steamy! I think the friends of Hardin were super annoying and lacking in any personality or backstory which is a shame as they could have improved the film but maybe they are saving them for the second film which is in production at the moment. I loved Hardin’s character wow I would so fall for that guy and totally have over the years. He just embodied that bad boy ‘I’m so cool and sexy’ look but also with an interesting intelligence of books which I love. Although seriously we could have chosen books that are not so typical but had to go for wuthering heights which in my opinion shows how we need to not just use the same books over and over again in schools. Tessa well at first glance I thought this girl is just going to get on my nerves like no tomorrow. However, over time she grew on me as her naivety turned into a girl who progressed into a comfortable version of herself.


All in all its not a bad film it is just a cheesy teen romance movie that actually shows how when you first crazily in love with someone it is not all roses and happiness. I did want more pointing out of how some Hardin’s behaviours were wrong through Tessa laying down more boundaries but maybe that is for After 2.0 we shall see. However, it is still a good film that I enjoyed and was nostalgic and relatable.

4 stars


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