Bones Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1

Episode 1

I have loved Bones ever since I starting reading her in Kathy Reichs books. But when the TV show came along I loved her character even more the actor has made her so badass and fascinating in terms of how she processes things. Booth is so handsome and mysterious I love his character so much and a tiny bit more than Bones. The team are a fantastic selection of personalities that perfectly bounce off of each other.

The first case is a massive and high profile case of a young woman found wrapped up in wire in a lake from two years ago. But who is she? This case is a sad one but also political which I loved the fact they took something so big as a senator being involved into not only a scandal but a her death as well. It shows that they are not afraid to take risks or tell the truth which is what you need in this day and age.

Overall, it’s an incredible first episode that will get you hooked immediately as there is so much going on with each character plus the cases are relevant and fascinating. There is nothing I don’t like about this TV show mainly cause it is a badass female lead with day to day issues in her life and she is like a role model to me. Oh Angela her best friend brings the humour and cuteness to the show. It’s a must watch for everyone especially crime lovers.

Episode 2

So this is complex episode with lots political implications from the case. This episode follows a Middle Eastern man that is driving to cafe and when he pulls up his car blows up. Now the question was it a terrorist attack or domestic?

This is a very sensitive case that brings up a lot of issues of how these situations are dealt with and the opinions that come with this type of case. It was great to see that they gave all sides of the story and opinions. It also worked well to develop the relationship between Booth and Bones.

Overall, it’s a fascinating episode with lots characteristics revealed about each member of the team. There was a particular focus on Angela comparing her to Bones with the fact that she feels that pain when she sees the burned flesh and with Bones it no longer phases her. I love the conspiracy theories of Hodgins they make me laugh so much. So it’s interesting one that will make you think a lot about society.

Episode 3

I really enjoyed this episode, it is one of my favourites as it has the perfect mix of character development and plot twists. This episode’s case is about a teenage boy who is found hanging from a tree at a prestigious school. But was it suicide or a murder?

The case itself is fascinating as you never really know till the end whether your hunch was correct about what the crime was. I loved Booth and Bones’ interaction in this episode. It was interesting showing the class and intellectual divide between them which ties nicely to the case. I also loved the introduction of Sid’s place as it is different from the usual hang out you see in these crime shows. Overall, a great episode filled with twists and turns in the case and tension in Booth and Bones’ relationship.

Episode 4

So cannibalism yep you heard right. This episode follows Bones and Booth on adventure to the wilderness to find a cannibal who they discovered through a bear.

This is such a fascinating episode with lots of twists to it that puts it at one my favourites of the season. The competition with the delivery girl is hilarious and cute. The actual in depth look at cannibalism is intriguing especially how much reading there is behind it religions and tribes. A weird but tense episode that will leave you creeped out.


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