Lily Quench and the Dragon of Ashby Review

Genre: middle grade, fantasy, adventure

Author = Natalie Jane Prior, Janine Dawson


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This follows Lilly Quench on her quest to rid Ashby of the evil Capitan Zouche, Miss Moldavia and the Black Count. Through her quest she meets an amazing dragon called Queen Dragon who helps her throughout her journey. But will the line of Quench succeed in crowning the missing Prince Alwyn and where has he gone?


My Thoughts:

I loved the style especially that the author was quite descriptive because you had a lovely combination of descriptiveness and illustrations which gave me a perfect mental picture of the world. I also enjoyed the writing style because she made it a bit challenging in the vocabulary and language which is great for children. I really enjoyed the different points of view because you felt more connected to the story instead of having just Lily’s story.


I loved the way she dealt with the theme of bravery throughout the book because she made it so her heroine didn’t always have to be brave she could be vulnerable and that’s cool! The theme of duty was very present in the book especially towards family which was interesting theme you don’t see as much and made it very important to her main character. I really loved that you had that mixture of themes of modern day life and fantasy which made it relatable and let your imagination run wild.


Lily what a sweet and adorable character I loved her from start to finish. Plus that she had such a love for nature and animals. Queen Dragon what a mummy character very protective which gave the relationship with her and Lily a magical element to it. I also liked that Queen Dragon was quite a tame character often with dragon characters they have really big and loud personalities which on occasion annoys me. Alwyn was interesting character first he was quite quiet and shy but then grew into so much more. Also I absolutely loved him because he is a book lover which is so cool. Evangeline she was slightly devious but also quite complicated because she is grappling with working for the other side and she is not sure about it. Miss Moldavia is one of those great villain characters because she is just so devious in her planning also you are so suspicious of her throughout. Captain Zouche I loved that he was such a wimpy and irritating character because the dynamic between him and Miss Moldavia worked so well because of that.


I loved the plot mainly because it was fun and exciting plus a great quest. There were little sub-plots like to do with the family history. Also Evangeline’s spying and Miss Moldavia secret plan which all just made the plot that more intriguing and never allowed it to droop. The ending was interesting because you had that enemy threat but it was not explicitly said so felt like a strangely calm ending for a first book in the series.


Firstly I have to mention the illustrations they were done in black and white in a sketch style and were beautiful. What I really loved about them is they had this childlike imagination look to them. They were quite sporadic so I would have enjoyed more throughout the book. Overall, a fun quest read with an awesome dragon. Something mainly for middle grade but something all dragon quest loving YA and adult readers will enjoy.

4 stars


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