Outcast Volume 1 Review

Genre = comic, horror, paranormal, fiction

Author = by Robert Kirkman, Paul Azaceta, Marc-Oliver Frisch, Elizabeth Breitweiser, Jacqueline Stumpf, Sarah Weissbeck 

Info  = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23043731-outcast-vol-1?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=A5fWATw6eQ&rank=4

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This is about Kyle and his ability to help with exorcisms. Kyle had a troubled childhood but now he lives with his sister who keeps him protected from all the bad stuff. But one day an old friend Reverend Anderson comes to his door to ask for his help with a certain problem he is having. So will he choose normalcy or the truth?


My Thoughts:

The colours in this comic were so dark and mysterious through the use of purples, blues and greys. I liked the use of black in each panel to give it a darker look to the comic. I liked that Reverend Anderson was combination of really light colours and black to show his belief in his faith. I really enjoyed that all the characters faces had definitive lines on their faces it gave them more depth. Kyle had a sort of one look face which got a bit annoying at times. I liked that anything in the distance was never clear it added a sinister look to the plot.


Most of the dialogue is short and snappy which gives the plot that tension and suspense. I enjoyed the father and son like dialogue between Kyle and Reverend Anderson it was sweet and gave some happiness to the comic. The conversations between Kyle and the devil were so suspicious and cryptic but not overly obvious which was great. The talks between Kyle and his mum were so sad and beautifully written and added a heartbreaking moment to the comic.


Kyle is complicated character that I am very interested in to see what his powers actually are but I would like more explanation on them. I also feel sorry for him and quite connected to him as a character. Reverend Anderson I really enjoyed his character he is flawed but so kind and loving. I loved that he never gave up on Kyle and his gift. Megan was a little difficult and stand offish but understandable. She was endearing at times but I didn’t all together love her. Mark annoyed me but could be a character I will like but I am not sure at the moment.


The plot was well placed and continuously mysterious which I enjoyed. I really liked that the background was drip fed throughout the comic it kept the mysterious element. I loved the ending to this volume it was dramatic and scary plus left you on a big cliff hanger.


I really enjoyed this comic it was dark and had a great plot. Plus the colours in this comic are like a constellation in the sky or a beautiful sunset. I can’t wait to find out more about Kyle’s past. This is a great one for horror and classic horror fans.

5 stars


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