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Genre = French, noir, black comedy, crime, romance

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This follows a man whose wife is having an affair with another man who owns a lot of businesses. However, this man ends up dead while out for the day shooting. Of course, the husband is accused but there is more to the story of the aloof wife. The husband’s secretary feels sorry for him so she decides to help him out or will it just spiral out of control?

My Thoughts:

I love the plot of this film its almost like a mixture of Agatha Christie and a Bourne film. It has very mysterious mystery that never reveals itself until the end but also has that constant fear of danger and what is going to happen next. I can see why they call this film a comedy as they are mostly taking the mick out of crime films. However, it is still quite serious in its crime element as its the dialogue that carries the comedy. The escalation of the crime is slow but never too slow like in some noir films. The reason being that it has interesting mini stories that develop and further the main story arc.


It is full of interesting twists and turns due to the fact it is not just about the one particular crime its about how far that original crime will go. The ending was so quick and witty with the last scene and the tension between the two main characters. It has a beautiful flow this film as you get sucked into the story and can’t turn away.


Barbara was a phenomenal character that was intelligent, witty and in love. It never felt like she had one agenda in the film of where here character was going to end up in the situation. She changed her mind so much which I loved because it meant she didn’t have to be typical in her characteristics. Her curiosity was refreshing and made her full of life. Julien you feel sorry for because he is obviously not the villain but you can’t help questioning him all the time because he makes certain decisions. He is quite frustrating to watch sometimes because he is just like ‘everything is going to be alright’ attitude which also makes him amusing. His fight with the priest and the lamp is so funny. Clement is one of those nagging characters that there is never something totally right with him and that he always has something up his sleeve. Plus his defence is ridiculous and funny. The characters have their funny and questionable moments but that brings the film it’s need to watch it quality.


I really enjoyed spending the time watching this plus it was a great opportunity to brush up on my French. There is something about films from 80s or older that transforms you to another world where you forget the problems of today and just focus on the film and this one definitely does that. The characters were fun and full of interesting traits. This film is part of an initiative to make older films more accessible to everyone especially the younger generation done by Artificial Eye. The concept was thrilling with hilarious dialogue that kept you on the edge of your seat for all of the film. It was always just enjoyable in all ways not stressful or too exciting just in a way calming.

4 stars


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