Designated Survivor Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1

Episode 1

It’s a dramatic opening to a series and it did feel like the pace was super fast but it worked to their advantage showing the urgency of the situation.

I think Kiefer Sutherland (Tom) did a great job as that first episode is crucial to making the audience feel all the emotions that are going through him and not just shocked expressions but actually connecting with the audience.

I like the contrast of Seth and his opinions to Tom as it brought across that argument of who is fit to be president which is a definitely relevant question with what is going on in the US today.

Overall, I thought this was thrilling start to a series with lots of seeds planted and many relationships that could really impact the direction show goes in. I think it could become exciting series questioning a lot of political situations or go really cheesy and patriotic. Hopefully it is the first.


Episode 2

I think this is the doubt episode in terms of which way the country is going to go and those at the top spreading seeds of doubt. In terms of the plot of this episode it is very true as to the way it would play out in read life which draws you in even more to the series and makes you feel how real this could be! 

I think showing the contrast of how the top says one thing and the actions of lower down in government are completely different brought out the flaws in absolute power over a large population. It also calls into question the idea of a united nation which is something every country would like to make a reality. This show really brings out the political theorist side of my mind. This episode also looks at humanity and empathy for your fellow people in people which I think in this episode gave the show a sense of hope. So enough of the profound and deep arguments.

Tom’s character I like more and more as I watch this series as he has that optimism that I have (I think I have) in people and the world although it is not a reality. His wife is an interesting supportive character that is headstrong, which I love and can’t wait to know more about her. The FBI angle gives the show a more rounded look to the situation. I am really interested to see where this show is going as it leaves lots of mini mysteries which I love in a show. Plus the ending of this episode was so dramatic I have to know what happens next.


Episode 3

This episode is about the unknown of the future whether 100% is always necessary. But also it was such a dramatic and on the edge of your seat episode. I am enjoying Tom’s character even more as he questions everything and prefers certainty something I identify with. He also gives off feeling of being trustworthy that makes you hopeful about politicians (which is easier imagined than seen in real life).

The survivor and how he fits into the events was a clever way to develop the story into something bigger. I don’t trust or like his character. The Araon and Emily drama was slightly typical battling over chief of staff. However, I feel like there is more they wish to develop there looking at the idealist vs the political. For now they are just there to create conflict which creates pace.

The new inside enemy of the congress woman and her ambition. I like her as a character she is brutal and blunt. I think she is an interesting match against Tom’s character to creating that commentary over who would be a better president. I would like to see the Hannah and Seth’s character develop more as I think they have an interesting and different perspective. Overall, a dramatic and complicated episode filled with twists and surprises that will leave you with even more questions especially at the end!

Episode 4

So this was the most political episode ever. With governor Royce causing immense trouble and General Cochrane making even more trouble on his side. Its trouble central in this episode. So governor Royce is still not interested in President Kirkman’s presidency and is now blocking protestors from protesting. However, Kirkman has a few tricks up his sleeve.

The other problem that is going on is General Cochrane is doing his own mutiny with wanting to blow up Majid Nassad and his base along with a American CIA operative who inside the base. These two sub stories of rebellion give a look into a presidency in turmoil. They also play off each other showing that sometimes what is occurring between two countries can easily be replicated at home.

Royce’s rebellion was cold and calculated as each of their moves was like a chess game. This brought a lot of suspense to the episode while the other rebellion felt slightly rushed and typical.

Mrs Kirkman’s dilemma was an interesting one in terms of why it was a problem. But also paved the way for an intriguing dynamic and future favour between her and the congress woman. The congress woman personally gives me the creeps she is such a sneaky character. You saw Emily’s character really develop into a forefront character with her role as a strategist which I love because I enjoy her character a lot.

Seth and his communication skills might be going somewhere else. As the press gnaws through another secretary showing the amount of times the secretary has to say I don’t know in so many different ways. The conflict of the FBI and whether congress man McLeash is lying (I totally think he is) is fascinating. I love Hannah she is a strong, independent, badass and not afraid to question everything which is so important at this time in our reality. Overall, a political episode that gets you thinking with lots of drama. Plus consequences that may have a huge impact on the next episode. I can’t wait!



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