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This follows the Avengers team as they battle with new and old enemies in a place called Sokovia which might be more of a problem than they think. It will also give us a glimpse into the future of where the Avengers are heading?


My Thoughts:

So this film is probably in the top five Marvel films I love but I will have to do a post like that one time but you know it is just so hard to choose. Age of Ultron has this deeply psychological element to the film of creating something that ultimate turns on its master due to the intelligence you gave it. It is just simply brilliant to incorporate it into the idea of superheroes and to contemplate that idea that one can get too old to be a superhero and want to retire but then who will take over. It looks at that fear of legacy which is something that all of us deal with in a way in terms of passing traditions and businesses. However, you feel that question of whether constant safety is a possibility and whether it really can stay free which is fascinating in terms of superheroes because they are to an extent that constant safety but with human flaws which allows them to exist as a hero rather than a wall or a danger to freedom.


Anyway let us talk about the actual film before I get totally existential. The twins they are an intriguing pair that bring a lot to the plot and the pain that we see throughout the film which is a major theme the pain of human life and what it can do to someone. I would have liked to see more of their story and the end with them I thought that could have been prolonged or not at all. You’ll know what I mean when you watch the film. Vision wow what a character I mean Jarvis is in there too but he very much evolves as character into more of a human. He brings a lot of moral standing to the film which I love because it is slightly contradictory to what his character is. Stark you see is there but almost not there the same with Thor as after their dreams they are more looking at the future and what it will bring and how they can stop it before it starts. Hawkeye he really turns into a father figure which is so sweet and works well in terms where is character is going into the next stage. Hulk wow he is just flying high you think for most of the film then suddenly it is just bad times from there which is so sad you honestly just want to hug him by the end. Natasha you think is desperately trying to figure out where her place is in this world. Plus you see a lot more of her past which I think is one of the most fascinating ones out of the Avengers but still has finally got her own film totally not cool that it took Marvel this long to make it. Ultron, I love this bad guy he is just so out of this world witty and cruel that you almost like him but you absolutely hate him at the same time. Can’t forget Captain America he is such a leader in this film he almost turns into a nice General. By the end of the film the team is so solid that you think nothing can break them apart.


In terms of plot this film is way better than the first as it is a lot more complex parts to it but also it has some very relatable themes to the modern day world and the path the world is taking. Seriously we need our own group of Avengers it is not even a joke at this point. Something I really liked about this plot is that the Hulk and Stark went back to their original selves and how that is still engrained in how they think and do and that it is a threat to the world that mad scientist look. The use of robotics in this film makes it insanely relatable to modern day as we are now as a society slowly coming to that level where they are being incorporated into our daily life but less obviously way and that is scary but also exciting. The battle scenes were incredible in this film there were points were I wanted to pause and photograph it, as they would be incredible posters that you just loose yourself in the magic and detail. In this film the explosion was toned down which was perfect for the plot as it was more about the actions of each character.


Overall, it is just an incredible film and by the end of writing this review it is definitely in my top five Marvel films. It has this magic to it that I just can’t explain but you’ll understand it when you see it. Also in its own right it is a fantastic stand-alone Marvel film. Everything just comes together with this film and sets us up for a future that is totally unknown but so exciting!!!


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