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Episode 1

So this is one of the weirdest and freakiest TV shows I have watched ever but it is so addictive. Especially if you love horror films or TV shows. This is a sophisticated and complicated horror TV show not like something that is just starting out. It feels like a TV show that has been running for years which is great to see a TV show with so much strength at the start.

So basically this about a family, a husband, wife, teenager and a dog. The father, Ben is a psychiatrist and one day he has sex with his student and his wife, Vivien found them. Then they moved to LA for a change. However, this new house has a past they just can’t ignore or escape what it will do to you?

I really love this TV show but this might be because I love horror films and this is just like an endless fantastic horror film. The plot of this first episode is very much about setting the scene and dropping hints of what is to come which I now have noticed so much in my rewatch. I was always scared to watch this TV show because I thought it was going to be awful and just continuous bad jump scares but its the complete opposite absolutely thrilling and I am always wanting to know more. The first scene with the boys and Adelaide is so beyond creepy even just with looks the characters give each other. It is a great way to start off creeping you out to the core which continues throughout the first episode.

Adelaide’s voice is something that just sticks in your head which draws you in to know more about how she fits in to the background of the story. Her character beyond gives me the Heebie-jeebies! I love Tate’s character mainly because he has this mystery to him that you desperately want to figure out. Plus Evan Peters is so handsome. Vivien at first really annoyed me but I think as you find out more about what happened to her you understand her better. Ben I just can’t stand at all. Violet I love her character so much she is a bit like me in my teenage years so maybe that’s why I love her character so much. Constance wow sometimes you just can’t believe the words that come out of that characters mouth but I so want to know more about her.

Overall, I think it is such strong start to a TV show with so many unanswered questions about sub plots and characters but you can see that everything is somehow connected and will all make sense which draws you in even further. The characters are complex and different plus each have their own horror stories which are so different. I love that as it makes the characters very individual but also with a clear path of where their story might take them. I can’t recommend this TV show enough if you are a horror fan or you like really creepy thrillers. I would say you definitely loose yourself in the mystery! And that ending you are just thinking devil child!!


Episode 2

So we are moving into an episode to do with obsessions. It is always that question of what point it in turns from a fandom to an unhealthy obsession. So with this episode we encounter people who are obsessed with double murder of two girls that happened in the 60s. So they decide to re-enact it with the new owners but will it go according to plan?

It is a great plot but it is crazy that people go this far for something they supposedly think is a belief but it is such a relevant question is this world when does an obsession question your humanity. The character development and insight is huge in this episode.

The relationship between Vivien and Violet turns more into a mother and daughter relationship. In a way a shutting out the husband which in a way you don’t mind he is absolute bad guy on so many levels. I like Vivien more in this episode it’s not just her bravery but also her humility toward Addy. The Violet and Tate moment I love it’s just so cute you’ll know what I mean when you see it. The ending with Addy wow that was just a moment you almost couldn’t believe it also it’s so creepy but impactful especially the way she walks away.

This episode is such a weird one. Also with the actions of characters towards the plot of the re-enactment you got sense of their paths and their personalities. It is such a clever idea to centre it round the house as you are wondering how the house will react to peoples actions. I did want to see more of Tate but that’s only cause I find his character fascinating. Another awesome creepy episode that will make you hooked.

Episode 3

Omg what I mean that was a wacky episode!

So much happened in one episode in term of plot development and background story. I don’t know where to begin there is so much to talk about!

So this episode is all about the history behind the original owner who was the Hollywood surgeons story and the story of the maid. With a major twist at the end?

The plot for this episode was so jam packed by the end I felt like it could have been two episodes because of the magnitude of the movement in the main storyline. As these are anthology series it is important to keep the pace and interest. The beginning was building up the creepy to the start of the crazy in the middle by the end every character was off the rails. It felt like an episode where it went from one crazy situation to the next which made it such a thrilling episode but I think a double watch is in order not to miss anything. The end was insane, so insane I did not see that coming. I was just sitting there like really why! But also that creepy feeling of suburban husband and wife at the end sent chills down my spine!

The characters in this episode where do I begin they all just went so nuts  some understandably! Okay first the history of Constance and the maid that was definitely so quick I wanted more from that not just the incident but also what happens after. I guess that will come later I hope. I also felt Constance would have done more of a build up to her actions.

The history of the original story of the Hollywood doctor could have been in its own episode because it needed more explanation for the start of his troubled times. It was just he is troubled so now his wife is pushing him even more down the rabbit hole. I would have like a scene where he there was a 1920/30s party and they were going up to young actresses that needed their help. But I am sucker for anything in that era.

So the mistress is back what a coincidence. I do find her annoying and predictable. I was surprised she didn’t come back earlier. In a way I thought her whole part was a bit unnecessary or could have done something less predictable. I just feel like she would have been more of an asset if she was more psychological.

Vivien’s part in this episode I felt sorry for her she knows nothing and her life is going from worse to worse. I don’t know if I like her more for it. She is quite naive which is what annoys me about her.

The maid I do feel sorry for her and can understand her more as a character. But I wanted to know more about how she ended up like she did.

Overall, this episode is insane and just confuses your predictions for the rest of the series which is good. I love not being able to predict anything. I did love this episode but I would have liked to have more of Tate and Violet but you know me I love them. It was an epic episode with so many questions.

Episode 4

So this episode such a weird and insane one at the end your just like what what happened?

This episode has so much development in it and so many sub plots I had to watch it three times. But it is also so thrilling and plus you feel like every five seconds they are gonna die now I know it and they don’t!

So basically this is Halloween episode part one and Marcy gets some people to spruce up the place to make it great for Halloween so it will sell. But who turns up the previous owners and then it goes into terror and tension mode!

The switching between the past and present in the episode was interesting because it made you start predicting what was going to happen. The plot was a perfect gradual progression towards the last ten minutes where it just dropped all these big twists and actions in front you which made me instantly want to watch another episode.

The characters in this episode all manage to development and make the weirdest decisions one minute your like noooo and then next your like yessss! I love Violet and Tate they are so cute but it also a strange relationship and fantastic individual characters themselves which really shows in this episode.

Overall an epic episode that has boggled my mind and kept me on the edge of my seat. A great ode to Halloween. I can’t wait for the next one.


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