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This book is the results of Cal Newport experiment on digital minimalism and how he thinks we should reduce our technological usage to help combat many societal issues that have developed thanks to technological advances. Don’t misunderstand, he doesn’t mean completely cut out technology in your life.

My Thoughts:

So I read this book because it was part of my Penguin reading challenge I was doing at the time which I initially so didn’t want to read because I thought it was going to be purely self-help. My personal opinion is that this genre isn’t for me but I understand that it helps many people. However, this book was the perfect combination of informative and suggestive information to contemplate how much technology plays a part in your life.

It was a truly fascinating read because he not only explained all his theories but also backed all his suggestions to help reduce your technological usage with examples from experiments he did or well known case studies. This made me trust his opinion more and made me more inclined to do some mini experiments myself for example scheduling my technology time which really helped to increase how much I read. I wrote this review a while ago and I am still doing the scheduling of my twitter and Instagram time which has made me so much more productive.

His main approach to the issue of overuse of technology which is ironic as I type my review on my phone on the tube. Anyway his method is that cutting it out completely in some circumstances does work but for a lot of people family and work just can’t allow that so he suggests to try different strategies to help to reduce gradually. I would agree with this because if you cut completely it is just too much it has to be process of seeing that development and benefits through slow change.

I think if you are looking for something to help you understand why we use technology so much and how you can work towards reducing your usage in a program then this is the book for you. I mean even I took some tips from it which have been really helpful and surprisingly I am sleeping better. It is definitely not preachy it’s just his opinions put into practice with explanations.

4 stars


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