Lazarus Volume 2 Lift Review

Genre = Comic, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Author = Greg Rucka, Michael Lark, Santiago Arcas

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Now that we know Forever. The question is how did she become the family protector just through training or more than that? Now we meet a new family called Barrett who have lost everything and have a long journey to the Lift. They also have a crucial part to play in events that will soon unfold.


My Thoughts:

This volume has two styles of artwork which are a western style for the Barrett’s journey with the contrasting grey dystopian style of the domain. There is also the flack backs to Forever’s training in which you can see in the background artwork shows hope through the use of bright colours. Out of all the artwork my favourite scene is Forever and Marisol’s fight because you can see the pain and the idea that this is the creation of a monster. The resistance symbol is very symbolic with use of fire as empowerment but also the hand shows you have to do something to keep the resistance going.


Most of the dialogue is short conversations which works well to allow the artwork to represent the emotions. Having the Nun explain the process was a great way to show that it is how you survive in the world which very relevant. When the terrorist was about to detonate he didn’t do a long speech which made the scene more impactful.


Forever has the most character development and you get a lot of information on her background. You definitely understand her more as a person rather than a machine. It does give you an insight to why the family dynamics are as they are through Forever’s background. I really liker her character mainly because she is fascinating. Michael is nice and innocent character that has so much love which is a nice contrast to all the complicated characters. Father you just instantly hate because you can see that he likes the psychological torture. Johanna I’m not sure about her as she is so suspicious. Casey you feel sorry for her but also predict she is maybe a protege to Forever.


A slower pace than the last volume which I enjoyed as it develops both stories of the Barrett family and the lift until they intertwined perfectly. The flashbacks gave us an insight into Forever and the reasons behind her present decisions which was intriguing. The ending was dramatic and slightly predictable but I didn’t mind that as it was a good ending for both my favourite characters. I liked that it gave you false idea of the possibility of a cliffhanger.


I love this comic as you never know where it is going to take you. Plus there is so much history to the story that you just can’t wait to find out which draws you in more. The characters have so much to gain and loose in each action which makes great tension. If you are a fan of dystopia or complicated characters or moralistic comics this is the one for you.

5 stars


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