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This film continues our journey Bella and Edward and their love story for so called eternity. However, things turn south pretty quickly as Edward cannot live with Bella’s decision to want to turn into a vampire so that she is with Edward for the rest of their lives. So he leaves her forever or is it forever. While he is gone Bella is can’t understand why he is gone and can only see him if she does something thrill seeking. While that is happening Jacob is becoming something interesting that is connected to the Quileute legend. Who will win Bella’s heart?


My Thoughts:

I think out of all of these films this is the film I have the most problem mainly for me there is not enough time pointing out how bad this relationship is between Edward and Bella and how unhealthy it is. Plus how no-one around her is trying harder to stop her I mean everyone has a chat with her but I just feel like for the sake of the young girls watching these films and especially this one. The way Edward treats Bella is just not okay in so many ways. As I just worry that they will think that all relationships are like Bella and Edward and normalise that behaviour in their heads. So basically Edward’s behaviour not okay at all.


A large part of the film is taken up by Bella’s depression after Edward leaving which I am glad that they tried to show the full effects of a bad break up. However, I think they take it a little too far with that part of the film. I think that it could have been three minutes then moved on the next part of the movie. I think there Bella should have put up a fight against Edward.


Then it really starts to get into the nitty-gritty of the film and how the culture and history of vampires is now intertwined into Bella and Edward’s story. This part is the bit I love about this film as she creates this cruel and fascinating world. It has some interesting laws and ways of doing things that suck you into to watching it semi-literally. She really delves into the idea of seduction and intoxication of vampires then it just consumes your thoughts.


The ending is just beyond cheesy but also sets up for all these new dilemmas and dramas yet to come which I enjoy. I think overall this is my least favourite of all the films as it is just a drag of a film till about three quarters of the way through. However, I do love the scenes with Jacob as he is just the reason I watch these. Plus that history that she incorporates into the film is cool. It is just an okay film that annoys me and the best way to describe it is a blip in the series.


2 stars


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