The Inbetween Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1

Episode 1

I heard a few things about this show and it being compared to the Ghost Whisperer which was one of my favourite TV shows growing up. This follows a young woman who helps the police with solving crimes through her vivid visions.

She is an interesting character, Cassie with a huge past that I am interested to know more about. Her detective, Tom is a cool character that I really like. The new guy, Damien is annoying but I think he will grow on me later on. The dynamic for a great show is there and this first episode is thrilling so hopefully it continues this way.

Episode 2

This episode upped the drama and the jump scares of this TV show. In this episode we follow a case of mother and her young boy gone missing and the father that is acting rather suspicious. He definitely knows more than he is letting on. Not only that Cassie has a visitor who sings the Peter Rabbit song from the last case but he is clearly not here to help there is obviously something bigger going on.

It was a fascinating case with many twists and turns but it was too fast paced as your brain was playing catch up with every new twist. I like the tussle between Cassey and Damien as it created a lot of tension but it is also our way in to Damien’s character. Tom you like because he is so perfect and the hat really works but your just waiting for something else to reveal itself. I enjoyed the episode it just needed to slow down a bit.


Episode 3

Hospitals really are awful places and it shows in this episode. This follows Cassie as she goes to help the new detective, Damien by trying to contact his fiancé but in the mean time she finds a boy in desperate need of her help. There is also a nurse and someone trying to be a good person involved?

This episode delves into the idea of letting go and why it is so hard too. I like to think that nostalgia is a powerful weapon for good and evil. I like Cassie more in this episode as she has more fight in her. It is an emotional episode so bring the tissues but it is crafted so it ties to the wider plot of the episode.


Episode 4

This episode is close to the heart for Cassie and a difficult one to watch. It involves two cases one involving a hooded masked figure who is shooting people with a shot gun and the other about a  mother who was addicted to drugs. As I said its a tough one.

I loved this episode as I am just a sucker for those deep episodes that really get to the nitty-gritty of humanity and how far it takes to turn to the dark side. I think Cassie came across as a really strong character almost taking charge of the show which I enjoyed. It was very case orientated which means you were jumping between stories which was a bit irritating at times but still a very good episode.



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