A Witch’s Printing Office Vol 1 Review (Slightly Spoiler)

Genre = Manga, Adventure, Drama

Author = Mochinchi, Yasuhiro Miyama

Info  = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/44782531-a-witch-s-printing-office-vol-1

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One day Mika was coming home from her comic book shopping spree when out of the blue she is whisked away to a fantasy land. Honestly she doesn’t feel like staying no matter how much she wants to explore this fantasy land she would just like to go home. No matter how hard she tries she still can’t find the right spell to get her back home. So she has a plan to create the biggest and best Magic Market for all types of spells so maybe she might get lucky?



My Thoughts:

While, I like really cute stories about weird and wonderful fantasy lands this Manga really disappointed me as it just didn’t go anywhere at all. The plot was the major problem in this Manga as you start off the story and she is already in the world, set up a printing press and about to start her first Magic Market so by the end of the first chapter you feel like what was the point of this story if everything has already happened and honestly it doesn’t get any better than this after the first chapter. As you are just going through motions of how they can make the Magic Market work even better. There is a little bit of excitement in the middle where there is a battle but apart from that nothing happens. I think the thing that annoyed me the most is that you don’t learn anything about the world and from the snippets that they give it sounds like a fascinating world that you could build on with all the spells you could possibly do.


The characters were only a tiny bit less disappointing than the plot with Mika just being an annoying bossy boss with no real personality than that to her plus she was never actually moving towards her goal of going home throughout the Manga which frustrated me so much. I felt like she could at least have conflicting opinions as throughout the story she seemed like she was enjoying herself in this new world and not wanting to go home I am so confused by her. Her friends were cool characters to look at as some were witches that were elaborately designed others were fascinating animals but they were just there to prop Mika up and make her look important but I would have preferred a story about them as they were more interesting.


Overall, this was such a disappointing Manga I thought this was going to be a bit like Golden Kamuy filled with cool facts and a fast paced story but it was a story that never went anywhere and annoyed me with the potential it had to develop into something magically interesting and a great bonding friendship story. However, as irritated as I am by this Manga I don’t think it is something I would recommend which makes me so sad as I can usually recommend it to a certain people even though I didn’t enjoy it but this needs to go back to the printers (excuse the pun).

1 star


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