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This follows a man who you think is such a family man but then you start to see into his past. Through one wrong move it has landed him in this situation where there is no way out and he must just go along with the plan. If the plan doesn’t kill him first as it involves being part of the polish mob. Does the plan have an exit strategy or is it just one way?


My Thoughts:

It is really hard to describe this film without giving any of it away. I got to go this film as part of a preview screening with Warner Bros which was a fantastic opportunity so thank you. It was a film that I was either expecting to love or be bored by because that is my usual reaction to action thrillers nowadays. I was absolutely engrossed in the plot and totally attached to the characters and I most definitely loved this film.


The dialogue was short and direct with less dialogue the reactions worked perfectly for the pace of this film. The expressions led the way in this film and didn’t disappoint with Joel Kinnaman giving a incredible performance as man consistently torn between doing what is right and to help his family. You could feel every moment of longing for a different or simpler life which meant I grew very attached to his character. So when the ending came I wanted to more. His wife, Sofia in the film was always the most badass beautiful woman who made you understand her side of the story. However, you didn’t feel annoyed at her for taking over the story as you could see they were partners all the way through the film which I enjoyed.


Rosamund Pike was the same old tough love but still caring deceptive character that you knew deep down something was going to go wrong with her or she would make a different chess move with her situation that would change the game completely. She created great tension with her expressions but also showed some harsh realities of this side of the world. Clive Owen he was a typical disappointing asshole whose character I didn’t have one care for. I loved Common’s character slightly typical but still you were rooting for him all the way.


The plot of the film was tense all the way through and very thrilling which meant I literally could not move throughout. I don’t think I have enjoyed a crime thriller quite so much since the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in its shocking portrayal of world we think we know but we do not at all. Plus how quickly one move can make you a pawn in their game. This film is based of book series written by Roslund and Hellström so I am interested to see if they do anymore in the series as I thoroughly enjoyed the film. This is definitely one watch in the cinema.

5 stars


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