Bones Season 1 Ep5-8 Review

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Season 1


Episode 5

This is a tough episode it deals with one awful subject after the next which makes it a hard episode to watch at times but then again an important one to have as it brings light to these issues. This episode follows the murder of a foster child who had gone missing but was then found by a group of teenagers. There is also a part second story of Angela and how she is dealing with her job especially on this particular case. How do you detach so you can continue doing your job and whether that is the best way to deal with it?

This is a very philosophical episode in the way that brings up the way in which we treat children who are involved in crimes which is a subject that we need to debate more as there is still lack of support from the system for children. There is also an incredible amount of character development that completely connects to all the main characters which is why I love watching this TV show as it has these characters that just stay with you forever.


Episode 6

So there is a body in the wall literally which is the most fascinating and cruel way to find a body. It has also managed to mummify itself through being trapped in the wall. It follows a man who was a promising rapper that wanted a different life than the stereotypical one that is portrayed of rivalry, drugs and violence. However, certain things unfold to do with his record label that lead to unfortunate end.

I like this episode as it has a lot too it for instance a great mixture sadness and light comedy all at the same time especially between Angela and Booth. Angela’s character really comes alive in this episode with her little match making skills with Booth and his new girlfriend which lead to some comic awkward questions. Brennan just comes to life as a more boisterous person in this episode which I love. Its just a great episode that shows the reason I continue to watch this series over and over again.


Episode 7

This episode is a hard episode to watch because it shows the absolute cruelty of humanity at its worst. A man his due to be executed for the murder of a young woman and there are some doubts about the investigation which was conducted by Booth so now he and Bones are back on the case. However, is there someone else that might be a better fit as a suspect.

This episode deals with so many different sides of humanity from the side that believes that taking someone’s life because of what they did is wrong to someone rigging the system for their own benefit. It’s a complex case that I find fascinating and scary because you realise that those people are out there. You see a lot of vulnerability in this episode especially with Booth and Bones and the strain on their emotions through their jobs. The Angela debate of why no body was going out on the weekend was sad in a way because you notice that cruelty never sleeps. It really makes you think about your opinions regarding this issue. It also gives a two sided argument which is important as there are reasons for both opinions. Its an intriguing episode definitely worth the watch.


Episode 8

This episode is about a girl that is found in a fridge after a long time and the difficulty of trying to work out what happened to her. Also how to make the evidence stick?

I love the episode because it deals with so many different problems within working and student relationships that had my contemplating face on. The meeting of her professor was interesting and amusing. Also the ending you just know something big is coming.


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