Paper Girls Volume 1 Review

Genre = Comic, SCI-FI, Apocalypse, Religion, Supernatural

Author =  Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang,  Matthew Wilson, Jared K. Fletcher

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It follows four girls; Mac, Erin, Tiffany and JK. They are paper girls however, one morning after Halloween strange things start to happen. Humans arriving on dinosaurs, covered men talking in a alien language and a time travelling spaceship. Can the girls figure out what is happening and stick together or will circumstances pull them apart?


My Thoughts:

I loved the colour palette it was stunning so many bright and slightly neon colours used as well as in the background gave it a great 80s feel. You really felt like you were in 80s horror film through the artwork and colours. OMG I loved the dinosaurs I am a sucker for them as they are so adorable. This one was more dark and brooding but he was still cute to me. The spaceship slightly reminded me of Doctor Who (but I’m no expert) like a cross between a Tardis and a Dalek. When the ship travelled it was beautiful as made it into a spiral explosion such a mixture of colours and design it really made it pop.


There is lots of dialogue throughout which I enjoyed as the girls interacted more it meant you got to see more of their personalities. I was a bit frustrated with the dialogue of the covered teenage boys because it was an alien language script so you didn’t know what they said unless they translated it which is mysterious so hopefully they will explain in later volumes. The way the cardinal and the other guy spoke was so funny but also you had to unscramble their words a bit which was fun. I think Mac’s dialogue was the best mainly because she is so feisty and didn’t care at all.


Mac was my favourite because she was bossy, bolshie and completely her own person which I love in characters. Erin she was so intriguing because not only was she a bit of an outside but also we got snippets of her background which made her even more mysterious. Tiffany you got the impression she was a kind soul and that she would do anything for her friends so she was a very likeable character. Plus she started to get some mega courage at the end. KJ was another favourite of mine as she not only had a badass hockey stick round her (love hockey used to play it) also she was the logical one trying to keep everyone safe and together. Heck and Naldo what sweethearts when they started talking were two nostalgic characters. Cardinal and the guy and the bearded guy (who I think some kinda god could be wrong) didn’t quite understand them.


I loved the plot of this comic it was fast paced and suspenseful which kept you on your toes the whole time. It was great to see the characters trying to figure out the world which never felt like it brought the plot down. There is a massive focus on Erin which was intriguing and I hope it is explained more later my curiosity is peaked. The ending was just a WHAT moment where they have just dropped a bomb on the story and your like YES this going to make this an even more exciting story.


I really enjoyed this comic it was filled with mystery, strange things and awesome characters. I am now fully engrossed in this world and can’t wait to read the next volume. This is a comic for everyone especially teenagers be warned if not a fan of swearing there is a few. Ultimately it is fantastic story that I can’t wait to continue with!

5 stars


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