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So have you ever heard of the film called The Graduate well this particular film is the truth behind the story. So we follow Sarah who has always for the longest time felt out of place in her family. However, when she takes her fiancé to her sisters wedding back home. Things start to get a little hairy as a certain woman reveals something about her mother’s past that sets her on the way to find her real father?


My Thoughts:


I may be a horror and SCI-FI/fantasy lover but there is nothing like a good romcom to make you all fuzzy and warm inside with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. This particular romcom definitely fit the bill as it had that plus a more complex plot attached to it.


Jennifer Anniston I love her as an actress she is just so hilarious for most of the film. Also makes you feel like, yeah that could happen to you and you would totally deal with it. Sure I wouldn’t do everything she did but going to that ball I definitely would cause I love wearing stunning dresses!


Kevin Costner he played that role really well made you feel like he was a complete asshole but also absolutely lost as a person. I mean really who does have it all figured out but we sure pretend to I know I’m guilty of it.


The plot is one of the most silly drama romcoms ever which made it so much more enjoyable to watch. It had this ability to make you feel like breaking down completely then sometimes everything is completely normal. This film is very relatable.


Shirley as the grandmother oh my god so fabulous. I wish I had her as my grandmother she is so glamorous and wise with this great “piss off” look. I would really like to master that look.


Let’s not forgot the adorable Mark Ruffalo, why is he not in more romcoms or have I missed them. He has that melting your heart look that you just go aww! He was the perfect man for this film because he could do that really serious look where your like no don’t go!!! I felt sorry for his character.


Overall, this was a great romcom with a thrilling plot that was well paced and made you laugh and cry. I wanted more from the situation with Kevin Costner’s character you’ll understand what I mean when you watch it. I would watch this film with your friends and ice cream. If you love Jennifer Anniston I’m sure your going to love this film plus if you just love romcoms it’s for you.

4 stars


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