Jane The Virgin Season 1 Ep1-4 Review

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Season 1


Episode 1

I was so sceptical about this TV show mainly because I thought it was going to be a really silly Telenovela but its amazing and hilarious I love it. So basically this is about Jane who has a great cop boyfriend and training to be a teacher. One day she goes to have her vagina checked out but instead something else happens and the drama starts from then.

I love the grandmother she reminds me of a lot of the women in my family. Jane is just the sweetest character I just love how trusting and nice she is. It just has this great comedy feel to it that sucks you in and you can’t stop laughing. Plus there are so many mysteries in the show that I just have to solve.


Episode 2

So what just happened, that was the most dramatic episode I have ever watched I mean I can’t even describe what I am feeling because there are so many emotions. Basically Jane’s father the Telanovela star and is getting impatient to meet his daughter. Jane has her first sonogram coming up and there are more than enough people who want to come to it. Her boyfriend is getting himself into a stickier and stickier situation as the minutes go on.

I love the pacing of this TV show because it is so fast and the comedic lines fit perfectly with all the different cliches and silly moments, it just comes together. I really like Jane in this episode because she is more human and less of a robot. The family meeting is one of my favourite parts of the episode mainly because it is relatable but also it is just hilarious and sweet. All in all it’s a great episode that just makes me want to instantly watch the next one.


Episode 3

This episode is such a whirlwind emotions I just couldn’t stop watching as there were theories about different people popping up everywhere that just blew my mind. The tension was so high after the death Rafael’s college mate and with Michael and his police colleagues swarming the hotel it just made all the situations almost explode. Jane wants to break her promise to her abuela and deflower herself as her abuela would call it. However, there are feelings brewing in Jane that she is not sure if they are hormones or real and who could they be for?

I found the parts with Jane’s father absolutely hilarious especially when her abuela went to see him on set oh it made laugh so much. I don’t think I like him that much as a character as I find there is something off about him my gut tells me so. Petra wow what a snake you just want throw pie at her or something to humiliate her for being so awful. The sister you just feel sorry for as it seems that she has never really felt part of the family or anything and you just want to give her a hug. As I said an emotional episode that you will love.


Episode 4

So everything is just going up in the air after the last episode and they have moved the wedding to a week from now. So the planning starts to become very real especially in the pre-cana. Where Jane reveals a certain dream she had last night that puts a spanner in the works. Then, of course, there is the father issue that just won’t go away literally. Is it a good or not I can’t decide mainly because as a viewer you know his personality so you just want to say no but then you feel Jane ought to know him.

Oh it’s such a deliciously dramatic episode and there is not one moment where I am not glued to the TV in suspense. This show is becoming very moreish which is the moment I know when I have found a good show to watch. The acting is so good and I like that Jane still has so much of her innocence attached to her. The theme of family is present in this episode which gives it an emotional depth. An episode you don’t want to miss.


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