Batman: The Killing Joke Review

Genre = DC, Comic, Crime, Batman, Thriller

Author = Alan Moore, Brian Bolland,Tim Sale

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This follows not only the origin story of how the Joker became the Joker through his past. But also his torture of the Gordon family, his escape and his elaborate circus trick. All to prove a point but what is that point? And is there anymore for you to sink your laugh into at the end?


My Thoughts:


I loved the style of the artwork being mostly in small episode squares so each page was quick and easy to follow but it felt like a filmic approach. Batman’s costume, I wasn’t expecting the grey costume as for my Batman experience I have mostly seen the black costume this is cause I haven’t read many Batman comics (so if you have any recommendations let me know). I liked the grey it was old school and slightly comical. I loved the Jokers’ style in the comic slender, creepy, menacing with that beautiful smile. I loved that past was in a black and white style mainly because it gave it a 1920s/30s feel to it but also added to the suspense of the story.


Every minute of the dialogue was perfect and so true of what I wanted in my mind from The Joker and Batman. That iconic way that joker speaks (slightly riddled) in the carnival scenes is funny, so creepy (because gave me shivers) and also witty which makes me more and more intrigued by the character. Batman has his tradition in the way Batman speaks as it is short and to the point which is what I expected. Ultimately I was a bit disappointed I wanted to see his character mix it up a bit. It was so strange to read the old dialogue of the Joker as he was so caring and kind I just couldn’t get my head round it because your so used to one image and the way the character speaks its weird to have him change.


Batman was very typical in his characteristics as in a very justice warrior and I’m gonna put you away which I found quite amusing. He also revealed another side where he was trying to work it out with the Joker and get him help which I found even more hilarious. So in my opinion Batman was quite comedic in this comic definitely not what I expected. The Joker in the scenes with Batman was so what I expected which I loved he is such an interesting mad man. I loved that the past him was so different and ordinary at times it was too much. The Gordon’s honestly didn’t have a big part and you felt so sorry for them because of what happened. I would have liked to have seen more from Alfred because I love his character. The jokers wife was like the sweetest person not at all what I was expecting but then what should I expect. His friends were just assholes.


I loved the plot it was thrilling, entertaining, intriguing and sad all at the same time. I loved the mix of the past and present stories as it was just the right amount and the past story gave the story more depth. The pace was fast which worked well with the characters especially Joker as he is not a slow mad man. The ending was so strange and just for me unexpected of the characters as I was expecting a big fight. However, after sleeping on it I found it a fitting end to the story.


I loved this comic it was fantastically written and drawn. The introduction was so fascinating to get that history of the comic especially because I didn’t know how popular it was. In the afterword written by Brian Bolland I loved that he commented on the introduction it was so funny. Brian’s short comic at the end as a sort of epilogue so odd but the dialogue was just so incredible the way his character envisaged his whole plan so crazy and good.

5 stars


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