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Genre = Romcom, Uplifting Story, Girl Power, Comedy 

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This follows a woman who has been a store assistant manager for a long time and finally she might be getting her chance for manager. However, it doesn’t work out because experience and talent doesn’t mean much in this world or at least that is how she feels (I sometimes do as well). So her best friend’s son as a birthday present creates this whole new personality and applies for the jobs she wants to apply for for her. She ends up getting an interview but things start to get very complicated when she is asked to do things her profile says she can do?


My Thoughts:

This was such a fun, emotional and silly film I loved every moment of it. Jennifer Lopez is amazing in it she really stuck it to the man in this film and you know what we need more movies like this so that when women feel like they can’t they see Jennifer Lopez can so of course they can and I absolutely felt I could after watching this film. That I could do anything I wanted with my life and my blog enough that I am actually starting to do it so thank you Jennifer Lopez for being so inspirational.


This film has so many amazing morals to it that make the plot not only thrilling and tense to watch but also a beautiful story that gives you hope. I feel like you go through her struggles as a woman and person with her and experiencing her trying to make her mark in her work.


The group of women in this film are great group that are hilarious but also support of each other. So you feel like you’re watching a family grow. Also her best friend is incredible I love her character. She makes me laugh and she is also so mum like which reminds me of me. The whole dynamic with Vanessa Hudgens was so intense but also a moment that really touches you deep inside that gives the film that extra piece of heart.


Overall, it’s an emotional film that gets to you as a woman but also inspires you that anyone can do it what they want to do it. I didn’t talk in depth about the characters because I feel that with this film I only want you to know the basics because I think you have to see all sides of each character to really understand them. If you love a good inspirational, romcom and a great story you’ll love this film. It’s a new favourite of mine.

5 stars


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