August Comic TBR

This month’s Comic TBR I am dipping into some fan favourites by continuing with Izombie reread which I am loving. If you haven’t read this series you should definitely check it out it is full of magic and mystical beings like Were-terrriers. I am also reading a Buffy which I am huge fan of the TV show and was so excited to read these as there are quite a few in the series when I found them. Also dipping into some new characters. I am particularly excited about Old Man Logan because I loved the film Logan so hoping for something along similar lines.


Let me know in the comments what comics and manga you are excited to read this month.  If you have read any of the comics I have talked about lets have even more of a discussion in the comments.


Here is the list:

Under the Moon A Catwoman Tale by Lauren Myracle and Isaac Goodhart

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Opinion: I have always wanted to get to the character of Catwoman so I thought I would

Wolverine Old Man Logan by
Mark Millar, Steve McNiven

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Opinion: I really enjoyed the film so wanted to know more about the character.

Izombie Volume 3 Six Feet Under and Rising
by Chris Roberson, Gilbert Hernández, Mike Allred

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Opinion: Continuing a great and mysterious series.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Uninvited Guests
by Andi Watson, Dan Brereton

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Opinion:I can’t resist reading that is to do with Buffy.


As always keep geeking!


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