Charmed Season 1 Ep 5-8 Review

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Season 1


Episode 5

So this episode is such a creepy one especially because this kind of technology is slowly being developed in our own world. I should explain basically there is a man on the loose killing women by breaking every bone in their body but they are being found dead on their beds in locked apartments. I know so skin crawling creepy but also fascinating in terms of the science. Also it was a nice contrast to see it is not completely about the fantasy evil in their world but they are also grounded in real life situations. This case is also very important in terms of subject matter at this point in history for society looking at men who are predators and getting away with it because they have power.


It was a very Prue centred episode in which her character grew so much through her showing a  great deal of vulnerability and strength. You also come to understand her much more as a character in the episode as you see her side that is completely a care giver and that she doesn’t know how else to be. I think that reflects a lot of people nowadays in society having to care for family members and then when they don’t have to anymore they do not know how to stop thinking that way about everyone else in their life. It is a very emotional story that I think needs to be shown more in TV and film. On a lighter note Piper and Phoebe have the love blues so they decide to cast a spell to find a perfect lover. But it doesn’t always work that way and they end up finding out the hard way but I liked that innocent and fun little moral lesson. It brought some light to a very dark episode.


Overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot as it so relevant to modern society in terms of people’s misuse of their power over people and decisions. It also is a very raw and emotional episode that at some points your on the edge of your seat nearly in tears but it is so worth it. Mainly due to the fact that you see these three strong independent women bonding together to save each other and that is just empowering to me.


Episode 6

There is nothing I love more than Charmed and this episode is all about love from every angel. This episode follows a couple that are suddenly trampled on by a new bride. However, this bride is a bit creepier than usual especially her plan for after the wedding. Can the Charmed girls defeat this bridezilla and put the original bride back in its place? I enjoyed this episode as it is a staple to the series and has a great sub plot that not only carries the episode but also furthers the over arching plot of the season.


This episode has a great plot that just keeps getting weirder and weirder as it goes on but I like the link to the Bucks Auction House and where that part is going. It is teasing which at points gets annoying but trust me it pays off. The tie in with Andy and Prue’s romance is done so well and they are just flirty and cute you just want to do a Phoebe and push them together. Overall, its solid episode with lots of tension and inventive beings with that sister bickering we know and love.


Episode 7

This episode follows a girl called Aviva who all she wants is sisters and family of her own. As her family isn’t the happy family she imagined with her mum in rehab and her aunt looking after her. So she turns to magic to her find the sisters she always wanted with the help of another witch called Callie who she thinks will help her be part of Halliwell sisterhood but only if she takes their powers. Little does she know who Callie really is and what she herself is capable of. While Prue is trying desperately to have an uninterrupted date with Andy plus Piper and Pheobe are fighting over who is going to win Leo’s affections?


I love the little sibling rivalry between Pheobe and Piper over Leo it is so hilarious and the tactics they use are so funny like when Piper and Leo are at the restaurant and she says about Pheobe’s group oh that was so cheeky. The actual story of this episode is so good as it is very relatable to how the sisterhood is developing within the show and how important that chemistry and trust is to create such a fantastic show as this. Part of you really wishes that Aviva would become a sister because you really want it to develop into this big group where they can help everyone and expand the world but later. I did find that the ending was a bit rushed which was annoying because I wanted there to be more of a fight between the sisters and Callie it was almost too easy. All in all a great episode that challenged their sisterhood and also what an interesting baddie I would have liked to explore her history even more.


Episode 8

The future is bright but will it always be. In this episode Pheobe sees a premonition of a woman being murdered by laser in a parking lot. How and why is this connected to the Halliwell sisters and their magic. Can Pheobe solve the mystery and will Prue’s spell help her find the killer? Yes Prue cast a spell specifically a truth spell to find out whether or not Andy would be okay with her being a witch as at the moment they are broken up. Also Piper is working way too hard but thanks to the spell will she have the guts to stand up to her boss?


This is a thrilling episode with the demon being from the future and running around at a quick rate killing people for a purpose. This episode almost felt like a SCI-FI show which was really cool to see the mixture of future tech and magic in battle. The demon was so beyond creepy and the fact that he had a completely bald head made me even more creeped out. I loved the spell Prue did, it brought about some hilarious conversations and some interesting ones as well. I loved it when Pheobe was interrogating Andy about the case his face was priceless. This was a really good episode a mixture of funny and exhilarating drama that I just love in TV shows.


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