If I Die Before I Wake Review

Genre =  Crime, Mystery

Author = Emily Koch

Info  = https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35004353-if-i-die-before-i-wake?ac=1&from_search=true&qid=gUHefStDD4&rank=2

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This book follows a guy called Alex who is in a climbing accident and ends up in coma. However, how he got into this climbing accident is the question as his job is a journalist he is uniquely qualified to investigate. At the time of the accident he was working on a story that could have given him a career break. But let him tell you the story?



My Thoughts:

Initial reactions were this is going to be interesting having the story told from the perspective of the victim in a coma and the thought of narrating your own story and no one being able to hear you is quite a frightening thought. So I thought great this is going to be a great thriller to read. However, this was not for me. The bare bones of the story works well as an intriguing story that you would go on feeling that fear of does he know what happened to him. However, it dragged on a bit too long and focused too much on the relationships of his friends and family and whether they were going to cut off his life support which I understand is important I just would have liked more about the story he was working on. I think it would have worked better with more flashbacks. I also really did not enjoy the ending I thought it was so disappointing and flat.


Alex as a character was interesting person that you connected with because of his situation and his work but not him as a person which was sad. I think because you are pushed into the drama of the story and not given a chance to get know the characters in their habitat he did not feel fully formed as a character. His family members wow I think I felt sorry for Bae but everyone else OMG such annoying characters that were just so blase about everything and uncaring you just thought why are you here.


Overall, I just wish it was written differently as the story had potential especially to go further with the story that the main character was working on but it fell short of developing a lot of the plot and characters to allow it to flow. It was a shame as this could have been a great read I just wanted more. However, if you like easy thrillers you may enjoy it.

1 stars


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