Scooby Apocalypse Volume 1 Review

Genre = Mystery, Comic, DC, Horror, SCI-FI

Author = Keith Giffen, Jim Lee, Howard Porter

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This follows the Mystery Inc in their separate lives. Velma is a genius scientist doing her own project which is called Elysium, Fred and Daphne are doing their show Daphne Blake’s Mysterious Mysteries, Shaggy is working in Velma’s lab as a dog trainer and Scooby is a smart-dog. I know so weird right not the gang you remember but much cooler! They have to save the world from the Nanites!


My Thoughts:

The artwork is very busy so there is a lot going on each page so I took longer to read it which I liked as I speed through comics usually. The colour palette was stunning throughout such an array of colours I especially loved the blues in it. I loved that the characters weren’t close to the original animation that they had evolved into slight adults with interesting quirks like Velma’s glasses and Fred looking more built. I loved that the tone was never too dark in terms of colours as it kept the story more upbeat and comical.


There were some great comedic lines throughout by the gang which made me very nostalgic for the animated series. I loved Velma’s sinister dialogue it was weird and a nice development of her character. The dialogue between the whole gang is almost same dynamic as the animated series but its more serious and adult like which was intriguing but at some points irritating. The dialogue between Daphne and Fred was the same old hilarious bickering although Daphne is a bit meaner than usual.


Velma I have always loved her character and I do even more in this series as she is more complex and suspicious. I loved that throughout you had this nagging feeling about her and it all comes together in the end. Shaggy was more grown up and intellectual which I enjoyed. Fred was still loveable and slightly annoying. Scooby was cute and adorable even with his eye enhancement. The monsters were crazy weird and gross but intriguing as they were all quite different.


I loved the plot it was so detailed and every member of the gang’s story was interwoven perfectly into the main story. I loved that there was two extra stories attached to the comic which were Velma’s backstory and a Scrappy-Doo adventure. I loved that the future is so unknown cause it lets your imagination run wild with possibilities and hooks you into the story more. I liked that a character was the key to understanding the story as it left you wondering.


I loved this comic its definitely a series I will continue with. A thrilling mystery that will keep you gripped to the end and beyond. The old gang but with some new upgrades. For all those who love Scooby-Doo you will love it and those who love an apocalypse.

5 stars


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