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This follows a woman who goes on a cruise with her husband in New Jersey and there is an accident with a wave and her husband and many other people die. It follows her in the aftermath trying to get justice for her husband or get back to place where she can be happy. Alongside her we follow the wealthy people connected to the insurance company of the boat and how they get away with murder.


My Thoughts:

This film was incredible and definitely an interesting way of filming it in segments with commentary from two very wealthy people played by Antonio Banderas and Gary Oldman. Those two gave this film a perspective of all sides at the same time you just hated their characters completely as they had no morals. It’s a film that will strike a cord with everyone in the world who has suffered at the hands of someone else mistakes. You will feel super angry and annoyed after it, as I did but I also felt like I understood more of how the system of corruption works.


It is such a relevant piece of cinema directed by Steven Soderbergh as this is now the world we live in where you feel like no one cares for anyone else other than just caring about themselves and their careers and producing more and more money because they think that’ll make them happy. News flash it will only go some of the way or at least that is my opinion. It is scary how true all of the scenarios in this film are and that they are going on around us everyday. I think this film should get a lot more attention than it has at the moment because if you want understand how much people are getting screwed then this will show you.


Meryl Streep was absolutely amazing in this film she made you feel every tiny piece of hardship that she went through along the way and that moment when she went to the PO Box. I was so hoping it would get revealed so she could get a bit of revenge but the airport scene was much better revenge. Her character’s belief in justice is one I admire as for me I don’t trust the justice system and I think a lot of people don’t, sadly.


Overall, this film is a beautiful piece of political artwork that really should win an award for how plainly it shows how corruption has ruined our society. That scene at the very end just gave me that feeling you get when there is a reason to fight and there is hope because boy do we need it to fight this. I would really like to see what an audience response is to this film. If you like politically relevant films with a hint of comedy you will love this film.

5 stars


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